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Twitter Hashtags & Names Appear On Screen During #SheenRoast. A Sign Of Things To Come In TV Land?

Last night Comedy Central aired their Roast of Charlie Sheen. The hashtag for the evening was #SheenRoast which was displayed on the bottom left hand corner of the screen encouraging people to weigh in on Twitter as to what they thought of the show. That move, the hashtag being included in the corner during shows, has become fairly common as of late but what I hadn’t ever seen before was the inclusion of the people on screen’s Twitter accounts. I took screen captures of each of the folks as they were on stage roasting Charlie (and one of Charlie himself) each with the #SheenRoast hashtag on the bottom of the screen and right below the hashtag their Twitter account handle. Here’s a slideshow of the screen caps I took with my BlackBerry PlayBook.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wonder if this signifies a shift in the social aspect of television watching. Can we expect to start seeing the Twitter handles next to names in the credits of shows?  Obviously I don’t expect regular shows to start popping up actors’ names on screen when they first appear within the show but in the credits (opening or closing though I think opening would be better) I can TOTALLY see it happening in the near future. It is already fairly common to see shows have a hashtag in the corner while the show is playing, why not take it one step further? I think this is going to happen sooner or later as many actors and athletes and other celebs are very much embracing being interactive with their fans on Twitter.

Maybe it will even start happening in movies. While I don’t expect that movies will start having Twitter hashtags on the corner of the screen while it is playing (we don’t want to encourage people pulling out phones in dark theaters after all) why not have it during the credits and have the Twitter handles listed next to the actors’ names?

What do you think? Will we see this happening soon? TV? Movies? Both?

Or maybe this was all a one-off given Charlie Sheen’s love of Twitter and meteoric rise of his account on the service. But speaking of the #SheenRoast I’ve made a Twitter List of all the folks from #SheenRoast which you can find here https://twitter.com/#!/TheDanLevy/SheenRoast.

In the above linked list, I included the legendary guitarist Slash who played in the opening when Charlie Sheen was revealed on his throne. I don’t know why they didn’t include Slash’s Twitter handle on the screen but maybe the rule is roasters only? Interestingly, Slash is included in the @ComedyCentral Twitter List “Roasters” which includes all roasters from every Comedy Central Roast which has been done to date.

As well, here’s a Gallery below of the same pictures in the slideshow above. This is useful for those of you who don’t want to sit and wait for the slideshow to ‘play’ through OR want to see the pictures full sized.

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