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Being Erica On CBC Tonight: 7 Possible Owners Of The Gloved Hand & What I Want To See From Season 4

Being Erica Season 4 Cast wallpaper 1024x768 via CBC at http://www.cbc.ca/beingerica/extras.html

Recently, I watched all 3 seasons of Being Erica once again so I could write the 3 ‘The Quotes Quoted By Dr Tom From CBC’s “Being Erica”‘ which you see linked below.

  • Season 1 Edition here.
  • Season 2 Edition here.
  • Season 3 Edition here.
Watching the whole series again was a great primer for seeing tonight’s premiere of the final season of Being Erica: Season Four.


Before I continue on, let me make clear that if you have are not fully caught up on Being Erica (up until the end of Season 3) there will be SPOILERS in this post.

Everything related to Season 4 will just be guesswork by me, so if you’re waiting for the premiere like I am, don’t worry I won’t be ruining anything (because I can’t).

Consider yourselves warned.

Season 3 Episode 12 “Erica, Interrupted” ended with Erica meeting her new patient…but who was it? All we see was a leather glove which Erica takes with a huge smile on her face. We simply don’t know who it was, but of course it is going to have to be revealed in Season 4 as that’s the next part of Erica’s therapy – becoming a doctor and treating her first patient. CBC even ran a contest for people to be able to guess who her patient was going to be but, of course, haven’t revealed the answer yet. I have some of my own guesses which I thought I would list here.

I thought I would jot down a couple of things before watching Season 4’s premiere tonight of

  1. What I want to see out of Season 4 in terms of the story wrapping up.
  2. Who I thought could possibly be her new patient.

1. What I Want To See Out Of Season 4 In Terms Of The “Being Erica” Story Wrapping Up

  • What are the doctors? Erica once asked Dr Tom if he was an angel and he replies that there will be time for that question later.
  • What is the doctor hierarchy like? Dr Naadiah was/is Dr Tom’s doctor so it seems she outranks him. Dr Naadiah often goes to Dr Arthur to discuss Dr Tom and Erica and we get the sense that Dr Arthur was/is Dr Naadiah’s therapist. Is Dr Arthur the ‘Head Doctor’?
  • How do the doctors perform time travel? How do they decide who gets to be in therapy?
  • (I doubt this one will be answered) How long in real time are patients ‘away’ when they go on time travel treatments? Are they even physically ‘away’ or does their consciousness just go to “another plane” of existence and then travel back in time to occupy their younger bodies? I think it can be either or situation simply because we know Dr Tom should be dead after he jumped off of a building and if only his consciousness moved out of his body then we can’t explain the episodes where his daughter reappears – which would require him to be alive.

2. Who I Think Could Possibly Be Erica’s New Patient

Like I said above, all we know is that it is someone Erica already knows – and likes – judging by the smile on her face when she sees them and takes their leather glove and that the person was wearing a leather glove. We can see Erica is walking around on the south side of Front Street outside of Union Station in Toronto when she meets her first patient. This is evidenced by the scenery behind Erica – it is easy to pick up on for someone who lives or has lived  in Toronto – which include the columns and the “Monument to Multiculturalism” (the human male with a bunch of doves flying up around him).

The when of Erica meeting her first patient is also a good part of this question. Erica is seen right after she passed her doctor test walking around town in around in a long sleeve shirt but no coat, then is seen in her office making it ready for her first patient when she is visited by Dr Tom who sends her (with the familiar spin around blur effect that we see whenever Erica goes back or forward in time) to meet her new patient. When Erica arrives outside of Union Station she is wearing different clothes than she was wearing in her office environment. Maybe this is just to look more professional but if it was warm enough earlier for her to be walking around outside without a coat why is her first patient wearing gloves? Is her first patient not in the year 2011? Is her first patient someone from her past? It is already well established that the doctors can time travel with ease.

Erica's First Patient's Gloved Hand. Being Erica: Season 3 Episode 12.

I have chosen 7 candidates who I think might be the patient: Julianne, Sam, Ethan, Jenny, Josh, (Dr) Fred, and Brent Kennedy. Here’s what I think of each of them as possible new patients:

During Season 3 Episode 12 Julianne says to Erica, “Who needs a shrink when I got you?” Could that have been a sign that Erica would become her doctor? I doubt it because it seems as if that would be way too much of a conflict for Julianne to really listen to Erica and benefit from the therapy as she is used to being her boss and is only now getting used to being equal partners. As well, I think that gloved hand looks more like a guy’s hand than a lady’s.

Could it be Erica’s sister Sam? I doubt it. I say this because I think it would be too difficult for Erica to give her any real help when we have already seen what happens when Erica tries to be completely open with her (when she told her not to marry Josh) it didn’t end well. I don’t think Erica being Sam’s therapist would work out due to their existing relationship much like with Julianne. Again, much like with Julianne, I think that hand is a man’s hand and not a lady’s so I don’t think it could be Sam.

Could it be Erica’s former best friend and ex-boyfriend Ethan? I don’t think so because Ethan’s heart was broken by Erica and they are way too close to have effective therapy as a result. Erica would be too busy trying to mold Ethan into the guy she wanted when she was dating him and Ethan, last we heard, was utterly heartbroken over Erica breaking up with him so it wouldn’t be a good fit.

Could it be Erica’s friend Jenny? Jenny was one of Erica’s best friends growing up and it was a friendship where Erica would often ‘help’ Jenny by picking up all the slack that Jenny left. Erica ended the friendship between herself and Jenny when she realized that Jenny was never going to learn to be self-sufficient until Erica stopped picking her up every time she fell. I don’t think it’s Jenny because I think that hand is a man’s hand but, then again, anything is possible. However, the one problem with it being Jenny would be that it would be a retread of Erica helping to solve all of Jenny’s problems again which Erica was trying to wean her off of by not being friends with her anymore. Then again…she would be the type of person to take advice from Erica because Erica has so often helped her out in the past. As well, Erica knows Jenny needs help and you see a smile forming on her lips after she turns around and sees the person who grabs her shoulder.

Erica's Expression Meeting Her First Patient. Being Erica: Season 3 Episode 12.

Could it be Sam’s ex-husband (who is also Erica’s ex-brother-in-law) Josh? I dunno. Looks above, and see that picture with Erica’s expression. She is smiling and she never liked Josh and Sam together whereas she likes Sam’s new boyfriend Lenin. She wouldn’t be smiling at the prospect of helping Josh fix his life which might include getting Sam back. Then again, she might be happy she will be able to steer Josh away from Sam and trying to get back together with her. As an aside, Josh knows Erica is not a fan of his so he probably wouldn’t be very receptive to her being his therapist.

Could it be Kai’s doctor in the future, Dr Fred? This is an interesting idea because we know that Kai is from the year 2019 – 8 years from now – and Dr Fred doesn’t seem as if Kai is his first patient. Dr Fred also seems pretty young when he is treating Kai in 2019 but it is possible that he is in his late 20s and just has a young look and Erica meets him now, when he is in his early 20s. This works out well because we never see Dr Fred consulting with his doctor when things with Erica and Kai go awry yet we see Dr Tom consulting with Dr Naadiah and Dr Naadiah consulting with Dr Arthur. Maybe the reason Dr Fred isn’t consulting with his doctor is because Dr Erica had to recuse herself. As well, while Erica may recognize a younger Dr Fred, younger Dr Fred wouldn’t know Erica because he hasn’t interacted with her yet. As well, it might mean that we get to see the relationship between Dr Fed and Kai explored further as Dr Fred looks to Dr Erica for advice in the future when treating Kai. It also would help explain why the heck Kai is in the cast poster for Season Four that I posted above. Then again, the relationship might be a little too entangled for this to work out. This brings us to our final candidate….Brent Kennedy.

I sort of like the idea of it being Brent Kennedy because it makes everything wrap up fairly neatly. It helps explain why Brent is in the cast poster you see at the top – he just went to Australia for a couple of months so how would he be in the show if he wasn’t Erica’s patient? It also will allow us to watch the characters explore what happened between Brent and Julianne that turned him so against her from multiple angles – Brent with Dr Erica and Julianne with Brent. Maybe we will get to find out how exactly Brent made the giant shift from being an underwear model to being an assistant then editor at a publishing house.

My vote here is for it to be Brent, he was the first person I thought it would be when I first saw the hand last season and I am going to stick with my gut instinct on this one.

I also realize – and this is really going to throw you for a loop – that it is possible that the gloved-handed person isn’t Erica’s first patient. This is entirely and totally possible but if it happens like this the cliffhanger ending of Season 3 Episode 12 was just positively E-V-I-L!!! But then again, that might just be part of the fun of watching!

I cannot wait to see how they finish off this season of Being Erica! I hope at least some of my questions are answered in this season. As a final note, I noticed that the number of Dr Tom quotes went drastically down with each season. I really hope this season sees a resurgence of Dr Tom quotes. I’m headed off to my TV now for some awesome Being Erica starting up in a little less than an hour!

Being Erica Season 4 Cast wallpaper 1024×768 via CBC at http://www.cbc.ca/beingerica/extras.html

Being Erica Season 4 Cast wallpaper 1024×768 direct link http://www.cbc.ca/beingerica/images/Cast_wallpaper_1024x768.jpg

  1. Daniel Cousins
    September 26, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    first off every season finally for this show has ended in a clip hanger.

    second Dr. Fred makes the most sense looking back as he knew where to find her and knew who she was back then, this was before Dr. Tom knew about the whole Kai thing.

    as for who the doctors are i think that they are reapers as if you look back:
    Erica- allergic reaction almost died
    Dr. Tom- committed suicide
    Kai- over dosed and almost died.
    Adam- was shoot and did say him self he was sure he was dead and meet Dr. Tom right after.

    but who knows i remember back when this show began and i said Erica would become a DR. and no one believed me now i just have to wait and see.

    • September 28, 2011 at 5:46 pm

      Hmm not a bad theory. But the thing is they are all still alive somehow so how can they be reapers?
      Seems you were wrong about Dr Fred but hey he might still be one of Erica’s patients as this first one isn’t one who is going to get to time travel and relive regrets etc etc

  2. Zam V. Gibran
    September 27, 2011 at 1:48 pm

    I knew it… all the time i knew that Josh will be her 1st patient…

    It was an amazing episode… waiting 4 more…!!!

    And thanks for such an amzing post, it’s so widely wise

    • September 28, 2011 at 5:48 pm

      Wow, good on you for being able to predict it Zam! I wonder how much more time Erica is going to have to spend on Josh (if any) because I really want to see her training move further and her see her first “regrets” patient.

  3. Paul Sadler
    October 5, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    So, here’s something weird. When I saw the “hand” episode the first time last season, I swear it was not a man’s hand with a glove but a woman’s hand with black lace. I distinctly remember it, which made me think it was going to be Dr. Tom’s daughter.

    Maybe I’m having a Bush moment and “Mis-remembering”, it certainly is corrected (if it was lace the first time) in the rebroadcast a few months later. I’d love to know if they shot that scene several ways with different hands and I just happened to see it with an different shot.


  4. Paul Sadler
    October 5, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    Oh, and the clothes weren’t different in the scene I remember, she was still dressed as per office. I really think they re-shot the scene.

    • October 9, 2011 at 9:23 pm

      Very interesting Paul. I don’t know if there is any way to verify this but at the same time I don’t know if I can see the CBC re-shooting the scene for syndication…doesn’t seem like their style. If you do ever find out definitively one way or the other let me know!

  1. November 8, 2011 at 9:35 pm

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