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Pictures From Around Toronto

TTC Toronto Rocket leaving Museum Station 2011-09

Tonight I am going out to do some serious Nuit Blanche-ing with a bunch of friends and I expect it to be an epic night. As such, I thought I’d do a quick post for today with just a bunch of pictures I have taken recently around Toronto that I like and wanted to share. If you want to follow the Nuit Blanche goings on on Twitter I suggest you follow the hashtag #snbTO

Do you like them? I took them all with my BlackBerry Torch which it looks like I will be replacing soon – thanks to the kind folks at Research In Motion who are going above and beyond to help me out since my device is still within warranty – as its keyboard is starting to do some strange things.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This baby still takes amazing pictures though and here are the resulting pics I feel I should share. Only one of them, the caution sign, is just there because I thought it was freaking hilarious. To fully understand this picture you must know that it was taken in the little foyer area (anteroom?) between the bathroom and the conference hall in the Toronto Congress Centre when I went there for the 2011 Canadian Wireless Trade Show. I didn’t see anyone trip over it but it just struck me that it would be extremely ironic if someone were to do so.

The reason I included three different versions of the TTC Toronto Rocket leaving Museum Station was because each one, I think, looks different and adds something the others miss. Maybe I should somehow combine them all together to make one uber-epic photo…or one of my readers can if they so desire!

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