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Brace Yourselves. Movember Mustaches Are Coming!

Today, I officially started my Movember 2011 campaign to raise money and awareness of a serious men’s health issue: prostate cancer. What is Movember? Well, it is a commitment by a man to donate his upper lip – and, by extension, his entire face – to raise awareness about prostate cancer by growing (or in my case attempting to grow) a mustache.

My personal Movember homepage – or “MoSpace” as it is called – is available at http://mobro.co/TheDanLevy. This page is where I keep track of all the money I am going to raise (and you can donate money from there too!) and will post pictures of my Mo’s progression and whatnot. Last year, with 9 donations I raised $295, a number I am hoping to beat this year. I have already joined “Team Movember Toronto” as you can see when you go to my MoSpace and it is being captained by my friend, Michael Nus aka @MichaelNus.

My personal Movember homepage – or “MoSpace” – is http://mobro.co/TheDanLevy. Help spread the word and/or donate to help this important cause!

Are you joining in on the Movember effort? You can follow along with the Twitter accounts: @MovemberTO@MovemberToronto, and @MovemberCA.

For more info about Prostate Cancer in Canada check out ProstateCancer.ca and the Movember Canada homepage.

To give you a taste of the hilarity that is to follow in a week and a half – and for the entire month of November – I have attached some pictures from last year of my mustache’s progression…or lack thereof.

Movember 2010 - Day 6

Six days in and I already knew this was going to be hilarious.

Movember 2010 - Day 11 - Remembrance Day Mo

Showing my appreciation for the people who have laid down their lives in defense of freedom and democracy…all I did was kept growing my mustache.

Movember 2010 - Day 14

Two weeks in, it still hadn’t gotten much better. I also began to realize that even though I wasn’t shaving under my nose, no hair was growing there.

Movember 2010 - Day 21

Three weeks in and I don’t think much changed from the week beforehand. It’d be nice if I could show some progression but there just isn’t any discernable progression from Week 2 to Week 3 that I can see. Granted, this picture is somewhat blurry as my friend who took it had been drinking heavily – we were at the pre-party for the 2010 MLS Cup and it was cold outside so we had to drink as much as we could in advance of the game to keep warm through it.

Movember 2010 - Day 22

I went to the Pepsi Refresh Project with @AmberMac last year and when it came time to take a picture with a message I knew exactly what to write: an attempt to raise money and get more exposure for my Movember mission.

Movember 2010 - Day 25

At the Stella Artois, La Societe Lower Bay Station Party which was 1960’s themed, my mustache fit in a lot better – especially given the clothing and hairstyle I was sporting and the 3D glasses frames which I removed the lenses for a “Buddy Holly glasses” look.

Movember 2010 - Day 30

Although the caption of the picture above says it is from Day 30, by the time this picture was taken it was actually December 1st (it was 12:04:33AM according to the picture’s timestamp) and I couldn’t wait to get home and shave this thing off. But I stayed to keep drinking and sing karaoke. I also ended up winning the coupon which took me to Mickey’s Pizza to “feed my dragon” write the post that I just linked there and get my blog quoted on the wall at Mickey’s Pizza.

You will also notice how even though it is the last day (+4 minutes!) of Movember, I still do not have any hair below my nose. It is as if I have two separate mustaches. I have no idea why this is and it has earned the remarks that people don’t believe I’m not shaving there, I look like an 80’s porn star, or I look like a 70’s hockey player. I, personally, like the last one the best.

Are you joining in on the Movember effort? You can follow along with the Twitter accounts: @MovemberTO, @MovemberToronto, and @MovemberCA.

For more info about Prostate Cancer in Canada check out ProstateCancer.ca and the Movember Canada homepage.



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