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Movember Toronto Launch Swag Bag

As you may have guessed from yesterday’s post I am a huge supporter of the Movember drive. As such, I was at the launch event in Toronto on Thursday night and received this awesome burlap sack swag bag filled with goosdies.

The burlap sack of a swag bag included:

Apparently, there are going to be 4 different special Movember glasses which you can collect. I wonder where they are on sale…or maybe they’re going to be included in 24 packs of beer during Movember? I really do not know.

I’m absolutely loving the cap from Woolrich and am even wearing it out tonight!

Oh, and weird story about the burlap sack as the grab bag: When I went into Smoke’s Poutinerie at 2:45am the guy behind the counter asked if it contained a human head. For some reason he believes when someone has a burlap sack at 3am he must have a human head inside. When I pointed out that it was too small for a human head he said it may be a child’s head and he didn’t judge. I just sort of looked at home for a second in disbelief.


My personal Movember homepage – or “MoSpace” – is http://mobro.co/TheDanLevy. Help spread the word and/or donate to help this important cause!

Are you joining in on the Movember effort? You can follow along with the Twitter accounts: @MovemberTO@MovemberToronto, and @MovemberCA.

For more info about Prostate Cancer in Canada check out ProstateCancer.ca and the Movember Canada homepage.


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