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Badly Targeted Emails To Bloggers By Marketers

If you have written a blog I am sure you get your fair share of emails by marketers, PR agencies, brand managers, and advertisers. Today I got one which really struck me – it actually made me laugh – because it was SO BADLY TARGETED!

Here’s the full text of the email in case that image shows up small on your screen and you can’t read it:


Avicii / Top 10 Workout Songs


I just came across your site, by way of a post about Avicii.

I’d wanted to touch base, as I run an on-line workout music database. And Tim Berg/Avicii’s “Seek Bromance” made the top 10 in our monthly workout song poll.

If you thought your readers might have any interest, I can email you the list.

Give a shout, if you like.



 While this is just fantastic news for Avicii and Tim Berg the reason I found this so amusing is that the post he is referencing is this one: “#PlayBookCHI Story Revealed & An Unboxing”. Here is the quote that apparently made Chris think that my readers would be so interested in his on-line workout music database’s poll:

“I was all the more disappointed when I found out that a breakout new DJ who I have been really wanting to see named Avicii played the #PlayBookCHI party!”

That is the sole mention of Avicii on my entire blog previous to this post which mentions him numerous times. To be perfectly fair, I did also tag that blog post with “Avicii”. I was pretty sure this was the case but did a search just to make sure. Here’s a picture of the results but you can click this link for yourself to check:

Search results for 'Avicii

This email I got while it looks so authentic and well targeted is really so badly targeted I can conclude nothing else except that it is an email blast copy/pasted with just a simple email addressee change for each new incarnation. Chris didn’t even bother to write my name or the name of my blog at the top of the email “to me.” Come on dude! That’s just lazy! If you’re going to be this lazy you may as well just do it as a mass BCC because we can see right through you. People who regularly write blog posts are not, in my experience, stupid people. In fact, to write a blog consistently, regularly, and frequently is probably one of the more creative things a person can do in their daily lives and is not for the unoriginal in-the-box thinkers.

But hey, I wish this dude the best of luck…I’m not contacting him I know that! (Unless someone comments below that they actually do want to hear about it.)

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