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First Ever #NotableAwards Are Tonight In Toronto By @NotableCA

Remember I said in last night’s post that I will be unable to attend the enRoute Film Festival tonight? Well now you get to know why! (Beyond the excuse I gave of having a prior commitment.)

Very shortly I will be heading downtown to attend the first ever Notable Awards being put on by my friends over at Notable.ca. Tonight’s hashtag on Twitter is #NotableAwards  so if you want to see what’s going on at the awards tonight follow that hashtag. You’ll also be able to see all the chatter about the awards in the lead up to tonight. (OK, maybe not all as Twitter’s search results are notoriously incomplete in terms of getting everything all the way back). You already know how much I love Notable as they were partners in many of the coolest events I have been to in the past while such as the 7th Annual Chilean Wine & Food Festival and the Lexus CT 200h Hybrid Crossover launch event weekend aka #LexusLive (which was a blast).

So, what are the Notable Awards? They are Canada’s first-ever awards for young professionals (YPs) which, in case you didn’t already know, are Notable’s forte and raison d’être. There will be over 400 of Canada’s smart, savvy, and sophisticated YPs there tonight to raise a glass to the 13 winners of these inaugural Notable Awards and, the Young Professionals of the Year in commemoration of their 2011 achievements. Tickets for this inaugural event also went fast selling out well before the event tonight so remember next year when they announce the tickets for the awards ceremony next year to jump on them or you may be out of luck again.

Tonight’s event will be hosted by CP24’s Melissa Grelo (@MelissaGrelo) who is the co-host of CP24 Breakfast and a CP24 anchor, who I am fairly certain I met last year at the 2010 “BoobyFlash” Booby Ball (the name was a reference to the 70’s theme of the event, pervert!)  but can’t be certain. Maybe I’ll be able to figure it out tonight!

The way everything worked until now was via online voting, Notable.ca whittled each of the 13 categories’ nominees down to a final four per category. Tonight, it will be revealed which 13 of those 52 finalists will be going away with the honor of receiving the first ever Notable Award in their field. Below are the people I will be rooting for because I know that (1) they’re fantastic in their fields, (2) they’re superb individuals, and (3) I know them personally and am friends with them.

  • Sports & EntertainmentGail Ordogh. Notable Awards Profile here
  • Internet Startup and Technology: Dave “@DaveColeman” Coleman. Notable Awards Profile here and link he lists on his Twitter bio here. (Pssst, it’s for the company of which he is a VP.)
  • Community Impact: Tanya “@RumbleTH” Rumble. Notable Awards Profile here.
  • Media and Communications: Cheryl “@PRCheryl” Willberg. Notable Awards Profile here and her own website here.

In a way I am sort of thankful that none of my friends made it to the Final Four in the same category although I think all of my friends – and most of the people I only know in passing – who were nominated were deserving of this accolade in their given category.

According to Notable.ca this is what we are supposed to expect at the Notable Awards tonight:

A very chic and cool (note: not stuffy) awards presentation where all 13 winners will be invited to the stage to accept their award, open bar, hors d’oeuvre (from some of Toronto’s hottest restaurants and caterers), one of Toronto’s hottest DJs, a brief keynote by ING Direct’s CEO Peter Aceto, a brief keynote by Paul Etherington Co-Founder and Chairman of motionball and Partner at Etherington Generations Inc., tons of networking opportunities with innovative, like-minded, YP’s, and of course, a Notable party!

For more about Notable.ca you can go directly to their website or check them out on Facebook or on Twitter with @NotableCA. They are the Canadian digital publication and exclusive newsletter that brings YPs the most notable content and goings-on in their cities. (They are currently in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and have a National Chapter as well.) They do the job of keeping YPs informed and on the pulse with all things fresh, relevant, and, of course, notable in terms of local happenings and openings, business, events, culture, fashion, music, design, health, new product launches, the latest gadgets, and so much more. As such, they’re a stupendous site for one to keep their eye on. Doing so means your friends will probably always wonder how you know about everything cool in your city.

Hope you’re having a great night and tomorrow’s workload is easy leading into the weekend!

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