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Wet Bag For Umbrellas In A Lobby, BRILLIANT!

I saw this stand at the Sun Life Financial Tower in downtown Toronto at the corner of King Street West and University Avenue. The building is managed by a company called Bentall Kennedy and I think this stand is one heck of a fantastic idea for its patrons and visitors alike. As an aside, the management also benefits and for doing what appears to be a favor to people in the building. Brilliant!

Not only does it make tenants happy that they don’t have to worry about puddles on their floors in their offices but it means that management doesn’t have to worry about puddling in the lobbies, elevators, hallways, bathrooms and the like. This means that management gets to spend less money on cleaning crews which is beneficial to them. It also means there are less likely to be people slipping on floors and that means happier tenants as well as ones less prone to litigation.

One of the only questions I have is why there isn’t any branding or advertising on the bags or the stand. The stand I can understand because that might seem a little crass but I don’t think anyone would object to there being ads on the bags themselves. OK, maybe not even an ad per se but just the building and/or management company’s name so people know about it.

Funny thing is the first time I saw these stands it was from the outside while waiting for the streetcar while it was raining (and I didn’t have an umbrella). I pointed it out to my friend and this random middle aged man standing with us and the man said he had been working in the building for years and never noticed that stand before. While the stand itself and the bags might be new, I still think that this is something that the gentleman should’ve been made aware of at some point during the spring, summer, and fall months which lay behind us which a number of rainy days. Maybe he used the Wet Bag today though because I pointed this out to him the day I went with Shannon to get her award from the Heart & Stroke Foundation which was a month ago.

I love ideas like this which are so simple yet so brilliant and must be making money for someone hand over fist.

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