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Toronto Movember 2011 Gala Parté – #MoGalaTO

Movember 2011 Gala Toronto

This past weekend was the last of all the Movember 2011 Gala Partés across Canada, the Toronto event. They held the event at one of my favorite large event spots in Toronto, the Kool Haus of the Guvernment complex. The event was the largest of any of its kind in Canada which is why they ended up holding it in December, they wanted to build up to it by holding all the other Galas first. The hashtag used on Twitter for the event was #MoGalaTO.

Movember 2011 Gala Toronto - Best Mo in Character @GreggTilston Ned Flanders

When I got downtown to the event I quickly found my friends Casie Stewart (on Twitter @casiestewart) and Shannon Hunter (on Twitter @Shananigans5) who were judges. They told me were looking for people who fit the description of “Best Mo in Character” meaning the Mo had to be representing a character from popular culture. I immediately told them about my friend Gregg Tilston (on Twitter @greggtilston) who had earlier mentioned to me that he was going to dress up as Ned Flanders since his new glasses already gave him the look. As well, I had seen a picture of his costume on Twitter before he went out and it looked fantastic! He even went to the trouble of painting his face yellow. It was a good thing I told Shannon and Casie about Gregg…err, Ned, because the crowd loved him and he won!

Movember 2011 Gala Toronto - with Man of MovemberGregg was also up for the Man of Movember Award afterward and he made it to the last round of voting – which was done by crowd cheering – but unfortunately, and perhaps quite deservedly, the guy you see in the picture above with me won. That guy, I didn’t get his name, won Man of Movember with his incredible Mo. It started out as a traditional handlebar mustache but he extended it into his beard and then he shaved his chest hair to continue the handlebars all the way down his chest and to his belt line. I don’t know if it went beyond there and frankly I didn’t want to know although Cabbie @therealcabbie from TSN, who was hosting the party did joke about it on stage.

We were also all amazed to find out that Movember worldwide had raised over ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS (Canadian) with Canada raising the most money of any participating country coming in at $38,561,626. That number was more than $13 million more than the next closest country, the United Kingdom who raised a sizable $25,426,528. Great work world, great work Canada! Let’s end prostate cancer soon! (All figures come via the Official Movember website at http://ca.movember.com/momoney/.)

After all the awards were given out it was time to party! And party we did!

Movember 2011 Gala Toronto - view from onstage PARTY!

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