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#ATorontoXmas Charity Event At Steam Whistle Brewery


My friend Meg Button is kind of a big deal on the Twitters with the handle @MegButton. I’m actually pretty lucky to call her my friend because Klout continually says she is a Twitter celebrity. But I digress.

You all know I am a huge fan of Steam Whistle and that I attended their event for Oktoberfest as well as got an awesome tour of their facilities in September. Meg has teamed up with Hennessey Events for this event raising money for GlassFrog to bring you the city’s swankiest charitable Christmas party! Here’s the official Facebook event page for it http://www.facebook.com/events/253139528061000/. The event is also listed on the Steam Whistle website here.

The event is already blowing up on Twitter with #ATorontoXmas as the hashtag.

What the heck is GlassFrog? Well they’re a charity whose mission is to swiftly deploy shelter, water and fuel to meet immediate needs of those impacted by disasters worldwide. They tell more about it on the Hennessey  Events blog here http://hennesseyevents.com/seeing-past-the-green.

We hope you can join us at Steam Whistle Brewery on Friday, December 16th for A Toronto Christmas at 9pm (www.ATorontoChristmas.com). Tickets are going for $40 and are available hereFIFTY PERCENT of the ticket price will be donated to the charity which is just awesomesauce. Also, Meg has hard tickets (as in not digital) available if need be so get in touch with her on Twitter.

I am, as per usual, going to be completely open and honest and let you all know I am being hooked up with a free ticket for the event. HOWEVER, I was ready to buy a ticket to it and support this event because:

  • It’s a great cause.
  • Meg is my friend.
  • I like going to parties.
  • I like the folks at Steam Whistle.

Also, the fact that I’m going to this party should say something. After all, it’s a Christmas Party and I’m Jewish! See, they’re all sorts of inclusive when it comes to charity!

If you’re a member of the, now infamous, debauched group of folks on Twitter flying under the #PartyPeopleTO hashtag you will be pleased to know that the mysterious operator of the brand spanking new @PartyPeopleTO account has managed to secure the #PartyPeopleTO crew our own area in the Gallery at #ATorontoChristmas with not one but TWO Tweet screens for us to clog with tweets for the night. This is probably going to get messy so it is a good thing the brewery is right near TTC Union Station!

Now, more about the party itself: This year, Toronto’s own Nights & Weekends will be playing this party! I have never heard of them but they are a band which fuses bluesy rock with elements of hip hop. Nights & Weekends command their own unique sound that has been pumping energy and fun into packed rooms across North America since 2008. Their recorded work has been featured on MTV’s Jersey Shore and The Hills (I wonder if the other Dan Levy has met them?) and their live show has quickly become one of the most buzzed about music experiences in Toronto.

Santa hats and reindeer antlers will be given out at the door, but be careful who you get caught under the mistletoe with!….Or maybe don’t! 😉 Even with those reindeer antlers and Santa hats, it seems this is a “semi-formal” attired event.

Check out the video from last year’s event below

Ticket Link:

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