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#JoeyEaton Was Nomtastic

joey eaton centre tweetup crew

Last night I went out to a small tweetup organized by the one and only @ClickFlickCa aka Joallore at Joey Toronto’s Eaton Centre location. I arrived quite late not realizing that the tweetup started at 6 not 6:30 and alas I missed seeing Toronto Maple Leaf Phil Kessel who was hanging out at Joey but I had a fun time nonetheless because I wasn’t there to see Maple Leafs I was there to see some good friends, make some new ones and have some nomtastic food. (Yes, I just used that word in a sentence.)

Joey Eaton Toronto tweetup sign -20111218-00008

Joey Eaton Centre Toronto tweetup sign Szechuan Edamame in the background.

We got some complimentary Szechuan Edamame and Chili Chicken at our tables and got acquainted with each other – there were a lot of familiar faces but some I didn’t recognize which was great because it was a relatively quiet and small tweetup so I got to really say hi to everyone and talk to everyone. This is part of the reason I LOVE Jo’s tweetups, they’re always awesome in the way of the intimate-get-to-know-people-setting and are not just a quick hello to random folks you may not see again for months.

Joey Eaton Centre Toronto Chili Chicken -20111218-00009

Joey Eaton Centre Toronto Chili Chicken.

Then it was time for us to order and I ordered the Ahi Tuna Club. When it arrived I will admit I thought it didn’t look “grilled rare” as the menu suggested when they first brought it to the table but once I bit into it I saw it was decidedly quite rare. It was absolutely scrumptious and I devoured it very quickly…I did find the time to offer some of it to new friend and tablemate @dinobotmoj but thankfully he declined. I don’t know if I would have given him any and was mostly being polite, haha.

Joey Eaton Centre Toronto Ahi Tuna Club Sandwich -20111218-00011

Joey Eaton Centre Toronto Ahi Tuna Club Sandwich

However, the highlight of the night was definitely when Jo asked me if he could buy me a drink. I knew something was up when he asked me if he could choose the drink with a giant smirk on his face but I figured it couldn’t be too bad. What could he order already? I wondered. In a couple of minutes I had my answer. The server brought me a nice hefty shot of Jameson and some yellowish-green substance…Jo had this giant smile on his face and said, “It’s pickle juice!” Not believing him I took a smell and yup, pickle juice it was! I guessed dill pickle juice but not Strub’s or Vlasic, rather one I couldn’t quite place. Our server, Christina, told me I was correct – she actually went into the kitchen to check this insane request, ya she’s that awesome.

Below, check out the little collage I made of the drink and then me drinking it. It was actually quite good but I think a prerequisite is you have to like pickles first (duh). In retrospect I think I was supposed to mix them together in the shot glass which is why it was a double sized glass but I just did it more like a tequila shot, drinking the Jameson and while keeping it in my mouth drinking a bunch of the pickle juice.

@Wedding_crasher was even so kind as to take a video of me drinking this shot – nice of her huh? Check it out here below (HD available):

For all the info about Joey Eaton Centre see below for their online links:

This, below, is a picture I stole from their Tumblr account which shows the exterior of the location (but the account is not updated very often).

Joey Eaton Centre exterior via tumblr

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