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#LoveAHeart Redux


As you may or may not recall I was involved in the #LoveAHeart Auction last year benefiting the Heart & Stroke Foundation. This year’s event is tonight and it is once again at The Hideout on Queen Street West. You can find all the details for it at the Facebook event here Pretty much the details are available here: http://www.facebook.com/events/304662309569250/

Zach Bussey published a Bachelorette’s buying guide as well as a Bachelor’s buying guide. In his Bachelor’s buying guide Zach says he thinks I will go for $120 but I am intending on beating the crap out of that number.

You can follow along from home all the chatter on Twitter with the hashtag #loveaheart.

A number of other bloggers blogged about it including:

Local musical darlings, winners of Indie Week 2011, and personal friends of mine Tiny Danza are going to be playing a free show and there will be an auction after the Guys and Girls are auctioned off for a intimate show with the boys from @TinyDanza.

Barefoot Wine will be sponsoring and giving us all FREE WINE!

Check out the video from last year:

Here’s the blurb from the Facebook page mentioned/linked above with the full list of bachelors and bachelorettes on auction.

Need a Valentine’s Day date? Why not guarantee yourself one and donate to The Heart and Stroke Foundation in the process?

On February 9th 2012 we’ll be gathering at The Hideout once again for the city’s hottest Bachelor & Bachelorette auction.

First Auction is at 9:30 second auction is at 11:30 MC’d by none other than Shannon Kelly aka @ShanKell host of The Toronto Rock and the bow tie king himself @ShawnHawaii!

And because we want to be absolutely sure you have a blast; in between the auctions you’ll be treated to a performance by indie week champions, Tiny Danza!

And here it is, the final list of bachelors & bachelorettes:



Each date will come with a date package! So you’ll be buying a hot date that’s completely paid for!

All proceeds raised will go to, The Heart and Stroke Foundation.


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