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1 Simple Way To Increase Potential Clients Picking Up The Phone When Your Business Calls

Ensure your business has a name displayed that shows up on caller ID when they call out.

Boom! You just increased the likelihood that people/clients/potential customers will answer the phone when you call them. Seriously, that’s all there is to it. Read on to find out why…

Android Call ID No Name Display

If this is a business calling they’ve lowered the chances of me answering by 87% by not having a name showing.

The other day I got a call from what seemed to me to be a random number. The phone number showed up but I didn’t recognize it so I ignored it because I was busy with other things. They left a voicemail which I didn’t check because who checks voicemail these days? Further, who checks voicemail if you don’t recognize the number? Beyond that, they didn’t text me or call me back so I thought it absolutely couldn’t be THAT important, could it? A little while later I checked and it turns out it was the car dealership where I bought my car saying I need to get in touch with them. (Well, that’s pretty important wouldn’t you say? Good job, Dan!)

Call ID with Name Display Android

If you say you wouldn’t pick up this phone call, you’re lying or on the other line with the President.

This business is missing connecting with a customers because they don’t they have their business name attached to their line! Who are they hiding from? They’re a business! Having their name attached to their phone number only increases odds that people will answer the phone. This is especially true because so many of us have name display on our cell phones (Rogers and Fido have offered it since June 2006) and pretty much everyone on a landline with call ID has name display. We’ve had it since the 90s! Remember these?


We bought these in the 90s when Call ID became a thing and our older phones didn’t have screens on them just yet.

If you don’t have your business’ name attached to the number on outgoing calls there is a strong likelihood you are missing out on connecting with your clients. This is something which is so simple to do – it would probably take anyone in any company very, very little time to accomplish and there’s no special training required except being able to dial a phone to call your phone service provider.

Of course, the only thing worse for a business than not having a name display when you call people is having your number blocked. The only company I can think of who actually has a reason to do this are collection agencies and even they shouldn’t bother because we’re not picking up those blocked calls anyway!

Do you pick up when there’s no name display and you aren’t supremely bored/expecting a call? Let me know in the comments below!

NOTE: The number you see above in the screenshots is a stock Google number they use when someone calls out from Gmail and isn’t a Google Voice user. I saved it in my phone with the Google Mountain View name for the purposes of this post. It won’t connect you to anyone at Google and won’t even go through but by all means be my guest and try.

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