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The Art Of Marketing Is Back In Toronto & I Have A Discount Code & Details!

Art of Marketing 2013 Speakers

Speaker Lineup for The Art of Marketing Toronto 2013: (From Left) David Usher, Biz Stone, Charles Duhigg, Seth Godin, and Jonah Berger

The Art of Marketing is making its return to Toronto on June 5 this year to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and it has a great speaker lineup which frankly, I am excited for. They gave me a promo code for my readers to save some money on a ticket which you can find below. All facts on the table, they hooked me up with a ticket too cuz they’re nice like that (and, let’s be honest, because I am writing this).

These events do sell out and there’s only room in the conference for 1,500-2,000 people (that’s a rough estimate, I cannot back that number up). So you’re going to want to grab your ticket sooner rather than later. (You can do that here.)

If you’ve never been to a “The Art of” event, I highly recommend attending this one because of the speaker lineup.  As well, the networking opportunities with people in the industry are astounding. Here is where I am going to tell you something that they probably don’t want me to…actually no conference organizer wants me to tell you this but it’s my own experience at conferences: There is tons of networking to be done at these kinds of functions but the real connections and serious networking you’re going to do will likely NOT happen during the scheduled “networking breaks.”

  • Networking will happen based on who you sit next to, behind, or in front of.
  • It will happen when you see a friend/acquaintance who is with another friend/acquaintance of theirs and you all get to talking.
  • It will happen on the way out to lunch.
  • It will happen when you ask to borrow a charger from the guy 2 rows over with one just sitting on the table.
  • It will happen when you’re walking into the conference and see someone else heading the same direction.
  • It will happen when you watch the Twitter hashtag #TheArtOf and see someone tweet something interesting and decide to reply to them and end up meeting in real life cuz they’re only a few rows in front of you and a few seats over.
  • It will happen if there’s a line for the bathroom and you’re bored so you start talking to the person in front of or behind you.
  • It will happen when you realize you want to take physical notes and don’t have a pen in paper but see someone else with a binder and a pen case and  you ask to borrow some writing implements.

Don’t miss those opportunities and don’t run around during the Networking Breaks trying to hand out your business card to every person you have a four second conversation with. There’s really almost no point. But hey, if you want to be that cavalier with your business cards they and the money spent printing them probably mean nothing to you and I could use some new business cards so shoot me an email and we can set me up.

Here’s a video from the absolutely brilliant Seth Godin on why it is important to attend a live event (any live event, but he probably wants you to come to this one since he is speaking there.)

Below is the descriptor they sent me with my own thoughts added in italics as well as the speaker/panelist’s Twitter account where available to me via a Google search:

David Usher – Juno Award Winning Musician & Creativity Expert <– if you’re like me and were a teen in the 90s you likely remember him as the lead singer of Canadian rock band ‘Moist’ who later went solo. Should be an interesting speech. @davidusher
Biz Stone – Co-Founder of Twitter <– umm, this guy is at the forefront of tech today. Why wouldn’t you want to hear him speak? @Biz
Charles Duhigg – New York Times Investigative Reporter & Bestselling Author, The Power of Habit <– just read his book a month or so ago and it is freaking brilliant. Cannot wait to hear him speak. I highly recommend his book. @cduhigg
Seth Godin – New York Times Bestselling Author, Purple Cow, Tribes & Linchpin <– I’ve managed to miss hearing him speak before and don’t intend to miss him this time. Guy is super smart and I have enjoyed the heck out of all the books of his I read. His rant/book “Poke The Box” on innovation and doing things is something I’ve re-read already a few times and lent it out. I wonder if I’ll be able to get him to sign my copy. @ThisIsSethsBlog
Jonah Berger – Author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On <– Never heard of him but he sounds super interesting. @j1berger
…and an Executive Panel including: Andrew Zimakas  – CMO, ING DIRECT Canada Cheri Chevalier  – CMO, Microsoft Canada @avidmarketer David Klein  – VP, Marketing & Innovation, Aeroplan, an Aimia Company Geraldine Tenten – Director, Marketing & Communications, IBM Canada @GTenten.


I created a Twitter List of all the speakers and panelists whose Twitter accounts I could find and it is located here if you’d like to follow along and see what these thought leaders have to say on the day to day or during the actual event itself. Here’s a link to the list: https://twitter.com/TheDanLevy/art-of-marketing-to-2013.

You can also follow the conference hashtag on June 5 by searching #TheArtOf  or just click this link: http://twitter.com/#TheArtOf .

They gave me a Promo Code aka Discount Code to share with y’all and save $50 on a  ticket right off the bat! The Discount Code is: SOCIAL if you want to enter it manually on their site or you can just use this link: http://email.theartof.com/KT13/SOCIAL/. If you buy three tickets at once and use the promo code too, you’ll EACH save $100 off the ticket since the folks at The Art Of give you a group discount of $50 per ticket. Not a bad deal especially since you get to learn so much!

So, will I see you there? Remember, this is only days away and is worth professional development credits so you can probably get your boss to pay for it. 😉

Below, I have reprinted the agenda found on The Art of Marketing’s site at http://www.theartof.com/marketing-toronto-2013/agenda but I took out all the graphics and the links to each speaker’s “Read more: What you’ll learn | Bio | Books | Videos” section.

Schedule of the Day

8:45AM to 9:00AM Opening Remarks

8:00AM to 9:45AM David Usher – “Core Creativity: How to Bring Creative Change, Innovation & Inspiration to the Work that You Do” (Juno Award Winning Musician & Creativity Expert) @davidusher

9:45AM to 10:30AM Jonah Berger – “Word of Mouth & Viral Marketing” (James G. Campbell Assistant Professor of Marketing at Wharton & Author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On) @j1berger

10:30AM to 11:00AM Networking Break

11:00AM to 12:00PM Seth Godin – “Innovation & Change” (New York Times Bestselling Author, Purple Cow, Tribes & Linchpin) @ThisIsSethsBlog

12:00PM to 1:15PM Lunch

1:15PM to 2:30PM “Executive Panel” –

  • Cheri Chevalier (CMO, Microsoft Canada) @avidmarketer
  • David Klein (VP Marketing & Innovation, Aeroplan)
  • Geraldine Tenten (Director, Marketing & Communications, IBM Canada Ltd.) @GTenten
  • Andrew Zimakas (CMO, ING Direct Canada)

2:30PM to 3:30PM Charles Duhigg – “Consumer Habits & Predictive Analytics” (New York Times Investigative Reporter & Bestselling Author, The Power of Habit) @cduhigg

3:30PM to 4:00PM Networking Break

4:00PM to 5:00PM Biz Stone – “Things a Little Bird Told Me: Simple Lessons About Business, Life, Service & Creativity” (Co-Founder of Twitter, Founder of Obvious & Named one of the Most Influential People in the World by TIME) @Biz

Find “The Art Of” online in these spots:
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