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How To Browse Image Based Subreddits Like A Bawse

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Reddit is a wide and wonderful world full of many different sub-categorized areas referred to as “subreddits.” Many of these subreddits are heavily photo/image oriented and browsing them on reddit itself can sometimes be somewhat tedious especially if you’re not looking to have a discussion about the pictures and just want a quick dose of laughs or cool stuff or whatever is striking your fancy. But there is a better, simpler way for this kind of thing that, while not perfect, is highly effective.

I decided to write this because this past weekend I was out for dinner with a bunch of friends and when I was speaking with my friend Justin (aka @The_Jmoney on Twitter) he was amazed that he had never heard of it before. It was then I realized that even fellow tech & internet geeks don’t know about this trick so I figured it’d be best if I shared it with the world.

The solution is super simple (and works in mobile browsers too!):

Just add the subreddit’s URL beginning with the /r/ to imgur.com. So for the “Pics” subreddit instead of going to http://www.reddit.com/r/pics go to http://imgur.com/r/pics. Note, this isn’t perfect since not all pictures uploaded to reddit are done via imgur but a large percentage of them are so this is a quick and easy way to just scroll through some eye candy entertainment with a minimal amount of reading and clicking and extra tab opening.

Instead of this:

subreddit r/pics on reddit

You’ll see this:

subreddit r/pics on imgur as a gallery

Notice how the first posts in both are the same? The beauty of this method is that if you’re an imgur user you can use your imgur login to browse these reddit based galleries and still favorite pictures for later viewing/reference.

Below is that first picture as viewed through the imgur gallery. You’ll notice there’s a link on the bottom if you want to see/read the conversation and comments on reddit itself about the picture. There is also the measure of how many times it’s been viewed, bandwidth used, the origin URL of the photo and more. Finally, on the top right hand side, just like on imgur, there’s a gallery with “Next” and “Previous” buttons and previews of the next six pictures.

subreddit r/pics on imgur looking at a posted pic

I am not the hugest redditor so this is just the simplest and most efficient way I have found to do this but haven’t really explored any options beyond this one. Have a better way to look at picture heavy subreddits as a gallery? Let me know in the comments!

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