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A Month Of Mornings With Bomb Energy Drink Instead of Coffee

Coffee. It is the way the majority of adults I know get their days started and how they can function when they drag themselves out of bed in the early morning. I absolutely love coffee but I also know that, at the end of the day, it is the caffeine my body really craves (and is addicted to!). I generally start my day with a 20 oz cup of coffee (591 ml) and if I don’t have it I can expect a headache by noon.

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When my friends over at Bomb Energy Drink asked me to come up with a fun way to try Bomb out for my blog I knew I had to come up with something special. After thinking about it, I decided that it’d be fun to get my morning caffeine jolt from a can of Bomb Energy Drink instead of a large coffee for a month and see the results – for science! Before I get into the results, I feel I should mention two things:

First of all, this was not the first time I have replaced my coffee with a different caffeine source. Often, when I know I have to wake up super early or will be in a rush to get somewhere I will pick up a bottle of soda or a can of energy drink to get my morning caffeine fix. But a whole month without coffee in the morning? I had never done that before!

Second, the question I got asked most by my friends was if I was still drinking coffee in that month and my answer was an emphatic, yes. My condition for the test was merely to replace my morning coffee with Bomb Energy Drink, it wasn’t a ban on coffee for a month outright! (Did I mention how I love coffee?)


Now, on to what I learned:

  • Yes, Bomb Energy Drink is totally a legitimate and tasty way to get your caffeine fix in the morning all you caffeine addicts!
  • I appreciated the ease of just going to the fridge in the morning and opening the can as opposed to having to either start a whole process of making the coffee or going out to a retail location to buy the coffee.
  • Also, for some reason the caffeine in a can of Bomb was more than enough even though in my research for this post I found it it actually had less per can than the coffee I generally drink…but this may be due to the other energy enhancing goodness in a can of Bomb.
  • Drinking Bomb Energy Drink every morning is cheaper than going out and buying a coffee. The cost (in Canadian Dollars) of a case of 24 cans of Bomb Energy Drink is $39.99+tax which works out to $1.88 per can after taxes on Bomb Energy Drink’s website. As of the writing of this post, you can enter The Todd Shapiro Show’s special $10 discount code “TTSS” for a case of 24 and Bomb Energy Drink works out to $1.41 per can! When buying my coffee from a cafe, on the other hand, it costs between $1.90 and $2.68 (those prices are for a large from Tim Hortons and a venti from Starbucks Canada respectively as of January 2016 in Ontario). Bomb is clearly a more cost efficient option.


Bomb Energy Drink is one heck of a tasty drink. Better than most other energy drinks I have tried – and yes, I for one actually like the taste of energy drinks! That said, I found out during this month how much of a creature of habit I really, truly am. After almost 2 weeks of starting my day off with Bomb I began to notice that I missed the warmth of a cup of coffee in my hands as I held it and the smell of a fresh cup of coffee as a sign of the start of my day. I know that this is only a habit I have formed over the years and, to be honest, when I did this month of exploding my mornings with Bomb it was the summer time so I really appreciated a cold, refreshing drink in the morning instead of a piping hot coffee.

One very important note which was a definite benefit of drinking Bomb Energy Drink in the morning as opposed to my usual 20 oz cup of coffee is I was only drinking 8.5 oz of Bomb. Drinking less than half the amount of liquid meant I had way less of an urge to go to the men’s room in the first few hours of my morning. This may not seem like the biggest benefit, but trust me it is when you’re the kind of person who if he gets up to do anything loses his train of thought and has to force himself not to go look at those awesome cat GIFs on imgur when he gets back to his desk (#TheStruggleIsReal).

Bomb Energy Drink drinking can Dan Levy animated gif 20160122_162857-ANIMATION

So if you’re trying to switch up your morning routine or just need a dose of energy later in the day, I highly recommend you try and #LightTheFuse with Bomb Energy Drink. I know I still do!


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