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Why Is This Site Called The LevyNewsNetwork?

There’s No Real News Here!?!?!


This site is called The Levy News Network and as you can probably tell it doesn’t have a lot of breaking news, or any real news on it for that matter.

The reason I named it as I did is because for years and years my friends have called ME the Levy News Network as I am always in the know about things going on in the city and in our circle of friends. I also have always had a knack for staying connected to people and friends even after they’re no longer a regular part of my life or move out of the city. As such, my friends would often turn to me for updates and news about mutual friends who they had lost touch with. My role as LevyNewsNetwork of course predates Facebook’s existence.

So, when it came time to name this site the natural choice for me was LevyNewsNetwork!

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