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W00t! I’m Officially A @foursquare Superuser! Thanks @BrianG416!

May 26, 2011 19 comments

Just got this email in my inbox at 8 PM tonight EST. The message inside reads as follows:

Thanks for wanting to be a foursquare Superuser. You made the cut! As a Superuser Level 1, you can help keep foursquare venues organized. You’ll find your new tools at—-secret stuffs here–.

Check out the links below for how you can use your new powers for good.

House Rules: best practices for using foursquare as a community

Superuser guidelines: info on what kind of edits to make and how to use the new tools available to you

Venue Style Guide: official foursquare style for making edits and creating venues

Superuser forum on our support site: where our dedicated Superuser community chats about common questions and issues

Now get out there and edit that venue that’s been bugging you for months!

– team foursquare

I am very honored to be chosen to be one of the new foursquare Superusers. Thanks so much to Brian @briang416 Gonsalves one of the first completely random people I met via Twitter during foursquare Day 2010 – we never actually made it to the Toronto celebration but we did manage to meet. He was also the only foursquare Superuser I knew and he helped me in my bid to become a Superuser – support from an existing Superuser helped push your application to the top of the pile.

I first found out about the search by foursquare for more Superusers about a week ago when I read this Aboutfoursquare blog post, “Foursquare looks to add more superusers“. From there I went to the application page at and applied. I also asked Brian if he could give me an endorsement and he did – which probably helped a ton so thanks again Brian!

In writing this article I just found out that I can apply to become a Level 2 Superuser soon too! Wow! I went to the application page when I was getting the link for above and it told me this:

Hi! You were just recently upgraded to a Superuser Level 1. Continue being a model user and you can apply to be upgraded to Superuser Level 2 after 6/19/2011.

Cool beans! I promise to only use my newfound superpowers for truth, justice, and the North American way!!! I will combat misnamed and misplaced venues! Mind you, do you know of any that I should switch? Let me know in the comments and give me some proof as to the veracity of your claims and I will do like the crew of the Enterprise D and “make it so”!

BBQ Season Has Begun!

The last few pieces of chicken being grilled. Pounds & pounds of chicken were consumed before this as evidenced by the buildup of sauce on the grill.

I’m so happy and deliciously satiated!

This past winter it was decided amongst my friends who (except for me and 2 other guys) live in Thornhill that we would get together once a month for ‘Wings With The Boys’ where we go out to a wings place…usually Wild Wing…to grab some wings and catch up. Tonight we did it differently meeting up at one of my buddy’s houses (in Thornhill) to have a massive BBQ now that it is finally warm enough to hang out outdoors at night comfortably.

I love that after this long, cold winter it is finally that time of year again. Especially since I heard a report today that we in Toronto are going to have an extra hot summer. I am excited.

In my mind summer has officially summed. W00t! W00t!


George W. Bush wanted him ‘dead or alive’ and now under the Presidential Administration  of osama bin laden.

It has been 8 years since George W. Bush announced “Mission Accomplished” and now May Day will never be the same again.

President Obama is on TV right now announcing it officially. I found out about it via the Twitter account of Pete Cashmore. This was much before anyone on the major news networks had confirmed it.

People are gathered outside the White House and chanting USA! USA! USA! and were singing the American National Anthem.

I am going to head down to the US Consulate as soon as the President’s speech is done. Meet me there if you want. I hope there is a small crowd there.


We will never forget the people you killed on that September morning in 2001.

God Bless America.

I have loved and always will love this picture of the heroes of the FDNY erecting a flag at Ground Zero

I have loved and always will love this picture of the heroes of the FDNY erecting a flag at Ground Zero

(I didn’t capitalize osama’s name anywhere in this post on purpose.)

I Won A BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK! Got To Get To Chicago To Pick It Up & Party Thurs!

April 25, 2011 10 comments

W00T! W00T! Remember how I asked you folks last week to help me in my endeavor to win a PlayBook from BlackBerry at their #PlayBookCHI party? Well guess what folks…I won a PlayBook!!! As you know already all last week I was getting people to tweet and retweet my name on Twitter (@TheDanLevy) along with the BlackBerry account (@BlackBerry) and the name of the party, #PlayBookCHI.

Well, today, just as people had predicted would happen, I got followed by the BlackBerry account out of the blue at 7:01pm Toronto time. As I said, people had already told me about this happening when they won a PlayBook from the #PlayBookTO event which I went to last week so I was somewhat prepared for this to happen. To be fair, I didn’t know if I was for sure going to win but I had a sneaking suspicion judging from the amount of times my name appeared with the #PlayBookCHI hashtag thanks to all you beautiful people.

Then, at 7:06pm I received this message:

Congrats! You’re a winner in the #PlayBookCHI contest! Pls respond via DM w/ your full name & email address ASAP!
Direct message sent by Research In Motion (@BlackBerry) to you (@TheDanLevy) on Apr 25, 7:06 PM.

Dan's Prospective Toronto-Chicago Road Trip For #PlayBookCHI

That Happy Dancing Snoopy above doesn’t begin to describe the gigantic smile that crept onto my face when I saw that Direct Message (aka private message). I am still waiting for the email with all the details but I am expecting it shortly. It is actually going to be one heck of a trip because my best friend who lives in London England decided this would be a great weekend to come home. As well, one of my other best friends – the three of us were like brothers in high school and in the year after when we all went to Israel together – is in town for Passover with his wife and kids. All three of us in the same city at the same time hasn’t happened in about 7 years so it is going to be a rush back to Toronto right after the PlayBook Chicago Party to hang out with the old crew which will be sweet!

OK, truth be told I probably will spend some time in Chicago…maybe go to a White Sox or Cubs game if they’re in town and definitely see my friends Matt & Ari who I haven’t seen in years either. Hmm, maybe the move should be to go to Chicago on Wednesday and not Thursday. Decisions decisions! Sort of wish I didn’t have to drive there but if I could afford a flight to Chicago then I wouldn’t really need to win a PlayBook in the first place now would I? Also, the trip is going to be EPIC with me blogging and tweeting my way there and back.

Basically, this is shaping up to be one busy next few days! WOOO!

Oh, also, if any of you have retrogradations for what I should make the hashtag for my trip to Chicago on Twitter I would love to hear it. #DanDoesIL? #DansPBRoadTrip? #DansDebacle? #DansDebauchedDrive?

Foursquare Day Toronto TOMORROW! @4SQDayYYZ

April 15, 2011 1 comment

Tomorrow is Foursquare Day!!! (OK, well technically it’s today. Sorry I’m so late on this I had Internet issues).

I helped a little bit on getting the City of Toronto involved and having Mayor Rob Ford sign a letter congratulating everyone for coming together.

Anyhow – this year is shaping up to be an uber-awesome for the Second Annual Foursquare Day in Toronto. Most of the details are available on the page located here: as well as via their Facebook page here: and finally, via the Foursquare Day Toronto’s Twitter account here:

The event will be starting tomorrow at 8pm at the Firkin on King – 461 King Street West in downtown Toronto. Don’t be late because there’s going to be a Mill Street Brewery FREE tasting (of beer)!

Lots of giveaways and raffles and tons of superb awesome stuff going on!

There are some really great sponsors for the event including:

CONTEST: Get Yer @TextualityMovie Toronto Premiere Tickets Hee-ah!

April 14, 2011 4 comments

I was recently offered the chance to give my readers an awesome contest and because, obviously, I love all y’all I said HELL YES! They deserve something aside from becoming smarter every day by reading the thoughts whizzing through my brain.

The movie – as made obvious by the giant poster up at the top of this post – is called “Textuality”. The premiere is happening in Toronto at the TIFF Bell Lightbox on Tuesday, April 19 at 7pm. There are rumors buzzing around the interiorwebs that there is going to be a bunch of stars at the premiere too which will be uber-cool! Check below for the details how you can win.

The story is obviously a rom-com but it looks like one that guys can enjoy too. The movie is about 2 people who each want to start a serious relationship with each other but first they have to figure out how to get out of the numerous other relationships they are both in which they are managing via their BlackBerrys* and predate their meeting. The premise is all about trying to disconnect for love (it seems) and how difficult it is in today’s crazy always connected world.

Check out the trailer for the movie below:

Carly Pope picture taken from

The movie features two Canadian stars and was shot on location right here in Toronto – come to think of it maybe that’s why they chose to highlight BlackBerry, a Canadian product, as the smartphone the two main characters are managing their love lives through as BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) is headquartered a couple kilometers down the road from Toronto in Waterloo.

The movie really is a something for everyone kind of production and by that I mean its cast. The movie has the one and only Carly Pope (from Vancouver) – you may remember her as the really hot best friend from “Young People F***ing”, that movie in 2007 which did really well at TIFF and caused the Canadian Federal government to attempt to pass Bill C-10 which would allow the government to retroactively strip tax credits from films deemed “offensive or not in the public interest” by the Heritage Minister.

As well, the movie has two male leads both of whom I am pretty sure are well known to the ladies: Jason Lewis – he played a waiter turned actor named ‘Smith Jerrod’ in the last season of Sex and the City and the two Sex and the City movies (thank you, Wikipedia!)

Finally, last but not least, the movie stars Torontonian Eric McCormack who so many of us know from playing the title role of Will for 8 seasons in the show Will & Grace. I don’t think he needs much more introduction than that.

You can find out a whole bunch more about the movie by checking out their website at

By now you’re probably wondering…how the heck do I win those tickets Dan? When will you stop blathering on and let me know? Well here you go:

All you gotta do is tweet these words and you’re entered into the contest!

(Clarification: The second half of the tweet is a JOKE in light of the movie’s premise. I am NOT going to hold you to it!)

Get me tix to @TextualityMovie premiere @TheDanLevy & you get my hot, single friends BBM PIN. Is it cool she doesnt want anything serious?

….aaaaand GO!!!

If you really feel strongly that you don’t want to tweet the part after the ampersand don’t worry about it. Just the part up to and including my Twitter handle is cool.

This is obviously a limited time contest – I’m going to call the ending right now for Friday night at 11:59pm.

Good Luck!

*Side Note: I know I am a BlackBerry user myself but I swear that the movie is described on its own website as the relationships being managed via BlackBerry – I didn’t choose to use that brand name over other ones.

Blogging On A Budget: The Unglamorous Part – Getting Stock Images & Photos

April 10, 2011 4 comments

You may have noticed I will often use Google Maps Street View for pictures of things around the city of Toronto or even in other cities (Las Vegas, for example comes to mind). I use the images because I simply do not have pictures that I myself have taken and I do not want to take another blogger or website’s pictures without permission. For some reason, to me, it feels OK to use Google Maps’ images even if I don’t have their permission just because they are Google. Don’t ask me to explain that, I am aware of the contradiction.

Of course I can use certain images and just give people credit as part of the Fair Use policies of Copyright Law and I was linked an article at one point which I read and cannot find at the moment about how to identify what the rights are to use images from Flickr and all about the Creative Commons Licenses. But that takes way more effort than I am willing to put in when I have to post something that day for the Post-A-Day 2011 Challenge and it is 11:30pm (which happens too often and I totally need to work on that!).

Therefore, today’s blog post is devoid of pictures, yes, but it is only because it is a quick post to tell you what I am about to go out and do. I am going to drive around Toronto looking for images I think I may need at some point in the future…or even needed and ‘borrowed’ from Google Maps Street View and keep them as stock photos which I can use however and whenever I please without needing to give credit or link back to anyone or worry about licenses.

Read more…

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