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Ontario Has A New Driver’s License Card? No More Magnetic Stripe!

September 22, 2011 28 comments

After I moved a couple of months back I completely forgot for about 6 weeks to get my address on my license changed. Thankfully, in Ontario you can simply do the whole process online and just wait for your new card to arrive in the mail. (If you couldn’t, I likely would still be procrastinating getting it done.) My updated address license card arrived yesterday and when I opened the envelope from Kingston I looked at the card as a matter of habit when I noticed something different about it…it was missing the magnetic stripe.

(I have no idea what is contained in these two codes that remain on the Ontario Driver’s License but I assume it is just the information that is already on the license. I downsized the picture to make the codes unreadable…I hope successfully.)

2010 Ontario Drivers Licence Card With Magnetic Stripe

What the….? Why no more magnetic stripe? My last license card (the one you see above) was issued in early 2010 when a previous card met an untimely demise. Pretty much everything else about the ‘new’ license is exactly the same except for the changing of the coloring of the letters where it says “9 CLASS/CATEGORIE” and “12 RESTRICTIONS/CONDITIONS.” The old license has them in blue while on the new license (seen below) the lettering is black. Read more…

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