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Heading To A York University Alumni Mixer – My First Alumni Event! #YorkAGM

November 28, 2011 1 comment

Tonight I am heading to my first ever alumni event – the York University Toronto Alumni Mixer. As many of you already know, I am a York University graduate and returned back to York’s Keele campus this past summer courtesy of York University Alumni Relations (York University Alumni on Facebook and on the York University site here) to watch the quarter-finals of the Rogers Cup Tennis WTA Tournament. I had a fantastic day that day and it was good to return to campus when I didn’t actually have to go to classes and knew I wouldn’t be going back to school the next day either. (I have never been the biggest fan of most classes.)

Tonight’s event is not on either of York’s campuses however, it is in downtown Toronto. The description I got for the event from the registration website was this:

GTA grads, this is your chance to come out and network with York University senior staff, York University Alumni Association (YUAA) board members and hundreds of fellow grads.

Please join us for our annual Toronto Alumni Mixer and YUAA Annual General Meeting. This free event is a great opportunity to touch base with senior York staff and YUAA board members, including President and Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri and YUAA Chair Guy Burry (BA ’82). Enjoy appetizers, drinks and door prizes too.

I am looking forward to getting down there. I was also told by the York Alumni Twitter account (@YorkUAlumni) that we should tweet events from tonight with the hashtag #YorkAGM so naturally that is what I will be using.

It sounds silly that I’m this psyched about an event like this but truth be told it not only is my first York University alumni event it’s also my first alumni event for anything! My private Orthodox Jewish elementary school doesn’t have any such events…and if it did I probably wouldn’t want to go. My private Orthodox Jewish high school doesn’t exist anymore, it ceased existence two years after I graduated! So York U is the only place that I have ever matriculated that still exists and that even has an alumni association.

To me, the whole ‘high school/college reunion’ plot point in movies and TV is always just a plot point. I almost don’t fully believe they happen in real life. This is especially true because I don’t think I can ever recall hearing anyone say that they’re going to (or went to) their reunion. Then again, maybe I and my friends are too young for me to be hearing about them at this point. I guess only time will tell.

Have a rocking week dear readers! Oh, and if your school/college/university actually has reunions and you’ve been to them let me know. I want to hear if these things actually still happen in the 21st Century.

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