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Androids Ride TTC Subway & Other Pics From #AndroidTO

October 29, 2011 1 comment

Like I said, I had a fantastic time last week at AndroidTO 2011. Tonight, I thought I’d share some pics from the day.

As you can see in the slideshow below, the Android mascot was a brilliant move by Google when they decided to give their mobile OS a friendly character to represent it as the mascot has now become a beloved icon. In my mind, it breeds a certain amount of familiarity with the brand to have a cute mascot like the Android. Think about it, when has there ever been a giant BlackBerry or Apple running around at those brands’ events? The brands themselves are too sterile to make people want to engage with them like that…and it’d just end up looking like a Fruit of the Loom commercial was being filmed. I don’t even want to begin to think what a Windows Phone 7 mascot would look like but if they tried to have a Mango (the name of the newest version of Windows Phone 7) we’re right back at that Fruit of the Loom commercial. Come to think of it, what is up with mobile OS brands and fruit?

Anyway, without further ado, the pictures:

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Toronto Blue Jays Game Fun For #JaysTO at the Rogers Centre Thanks To Calvin @Cdot_In_Tdot

I was lucky enough to be invited today by the one and only Calvin aka @cdot_in_tdot to join in on a really fun “tweet-gathering” at a Toronto Blue Jays game at Rogers Centre (which I still call SkyDome out of habit from my youth) along with ‘Robyn’ aka @AyznGurl, Chris, Jill aka @Clark_Jill, Joallore aka @clickflickca, Erin aka @erinbury, Grant aka @Grantdvalentine, Jon aka @JonGauthier, Lucy aka @lotsofolives, Janet aka @mijetta, Shannon aka @Shananigans5, Jonathan aka @shrued, and Justin aka @The_JMoney for what became dubbed “#JaysTO“.

It was some of the most fun I have ever had at a Jays game in all honesty. I mean, I have been to numerous games in the past but never with such a large group of people when I wasn’t on a camp or school field trip. The sun was shining, the dome was open, there was good friends around, baseball to watch, and beer to drink. Read more…

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