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Badly Targeted Emails To Bloggers By Marketers

November 3, 2011 1 comment

If you have written a blog I am sure you get your fair share of emails by marketers, PR agencies, brand managers, and advertisers. Today I got one which really struck me – it actually made me laugh – because it was SO BADLY TARGETED!

Here’s the full text of the email in case that image shows up small on your screen and you can’t read it:


Avicii / Top 10 Workout Songs


I just came across your site, by way of a post about Avicii.

I’d wanted to touch base, as I run an on-line workout music database. And Tim Berg/Avicii’s “Seek Bromance” made the top 10 in our monthly workout song poll.

If you thought your readers might have any interest, I can email you the list.

Give a shout, if you like.



 While this is just fantastic news for Avicii and Tim Berg the reason I found this so amusing is that the post he is referencing is this one: “#PlayBookCHI Story Revealed & An Unboxing”. Here is the quote that apparently made Chris think that my readers would be so interested in his on-line workout music database’s poll: Read more…

#PlayBookCHI Story Revealed & An Unboxing

May 9, 2011 5 comments

As you all know from my posts here, here, and here I entered in the @BlackBerry contest on Twitter called #PlayBookCHI and eventually I did win one of the 50 PlayBooks they gave out to people who got the #PlayBookCHI hashtag retweeted with the @BlackBerry handle plus their own Twitter handle the most times.

I told you all that if/when I won I was going to road trip out to Chicago, IL for the #PlayBookCHI party and be able to blog more from the PlayBook itself once I had it in my hands. But you never saw any blog posts about a road trip to Chicago and you never heard anything from me about the device except for my Thank You post where I blogged from the PlayBook. This is because I didn’t end up making the road trip to Chicago.

So here is the full explanation – at least as much as I can give – finally, along with some unboxing pics of the device you helped me win (and which I ADORE).

I was all set to go to Chicago on Thursday morning until I realized I had a very important and personal matter to attend to on Friday afternoon in the Greater Toronto Area making it very difficult for me to be able to drive to Chicago, party at the #PlayBookCHI party, and drive home in time to attend to the above stated matter. I was all the more disappointed when I found out that a breakout new DJ who I have been really wanting to see named Avicii played the #PlayBookCHI party! Epic Fail by Dan! However, there are a couple of silver linings to this sad tale of Dan not being able to take his road trip: Read more…

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