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Going To Be Trying Out Android OS Soon – Forcing Myself To Use It To Really Get Acclimated – The Journey Begins Soon

April 1, 2011 1 comment

As many of my readers know I am a BlackBerry user. I have used BlackBerry devices pretty much exclusively since my switch over from Nokia devices running Symbian in the middle of 2009.

Before my switch to BlackBerry I had a long term love affair with Symbian devices made by Nokia using the s60 (or Series 60) interface starting with my first one, the Nokia 3650 in 2003. Over the next 6 years I, in order of usage (as a primary phone for an extended period of time), used the:

  • 3650
  • 6670
  • 6682
  • N80
  • N95-3.

That list doesn’t include all the other ones I played with for a few hours or days such as the: 

  • 3250
  • 6620
  • N95-4
  • Nokia E51
  • Nokia E61
  • Nokia E61i
  • Nokia E62
  • Nokia E71
  • Nokia N-Gage QD.

Finally, I switched to BlackBerry after Nokia made it clear through a lack of communication with their customers in North America that they didn’t care about us and refused to issue regular updates and support like the rest of their markets received. That, coupled with the fact that it seemed like no new innovations were happening with Nokia devices, no major software providers were formatting their mobile software for s60, the terrible way Nokia’s s60 handled email, and the so-so web browsing experience (for the time) made me leave Nokia and get my first BlackBerry – the BlackBerry Bold 9000.

I have since used for an extended period of time the Bold 9000, the Bold 9700, and the Torch 9800, the last one which I won from RIM’s BlackBerryScene Twitter account and wrote about here and am pictured celebrating on the left.

I love my BlackBerry Torch, don’t get me wrong. There is no such thing as a perfect phone, in my opinion, and there never will be. No phone has it all and no phone can do the job for every consumer – and I would be surprised if this ever changed but smarter people with more knowledge on their respective subjects than I have on this subject have been proven very wrong when making big statements like that so I hesitate to do so.

Anyway, the point of this post is as a precursor to a journey I will be taking very soon into the world of Google’s mobile OS (operating system) ANDROID.

HOWEVER, do not take this as a sign that I am leaving what is referred to on Twitter as “Team BlackBerry” with the hashtag #TeamBlackBerry. In my capacity writing for a different blog, one that is a major Canadian cellular blog – I think a lot of you know which one but as far as I can recall I have never openly stated it on here so I won’t now either – my editor wants me to start reviewing Android devices so he wants me to get acquainted with the OS a lot better than I already am.

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I Won A FREE BlackBerry Torch From @BlackBerryScene

September 21, 2010 16 comments

Me with the @BlackBerryScene Team @ Yonge & St Clair Toronto after I won my 9800 Torch (that's what the card in my right hand is).


This past Friday as I was preparing to figure out who I was going to #FollowFriday on Twitter I saw a message pop up on my Twitter feed from @BlackBerryScene announcing that the first person to be at the intersection of Yonge & St Clair who found Team @BlackBerryScene and performed their favorite movie scene would a BlackBerry Torch 9800. Sitting a little north of Wilson and west of Bathurst I knew I had my work cut out for me.

I hopped in my car and started to drive south. Sitting south of Wilson on Yonge with 11 minutes to go I knew there was no way I was going to make it and be the first one there by driving. I got to Lawrence and quickly found a parking spot and ran down into the bowels of the TTC Yonge Line.

7 minutes left to go before my 20 minutes were up the train finally pulled into the station. Of course, that stop was when the train operators decided they needed to switch. The train finally got underway with 5 minutes to go.

22 minutes since the tweet was sent out and I finally got out of St Clair Subway Station to the sunny corner. I looked around for the @BlackBerryScene SUV which I had seen the other day outside the Bell Lightbox. Couldn’t find them. I looked around wildly and finally saw a bunch of people in black standing on the street corner across the street. I ran over and was told, “Sorry, that guy just won but you can keep following us downtown and we will be giving away more throughout the day.” AWWWW!

Then, the folks from BlackBerry said, what movie scene were you going to do? Can you do it anyway? Thinking why not I said OK and performed the scene from Pulp Fiction when Samuel L Jackson quoted Ezekiel. The BlackBerry crew cheered and one of them started reaching into their bag. “What’s this?” I thought. “A t-shirt? A battery?”…they pulled out a card and handed it to me and said, “YOU WON A BLACKBERRY TORCH!!! It will be delivered to your house on launch day!”

Astonished, I was speechless. I was so excited I was shaking as they handed me the card and a box and a Torch to pose for a picture. See above.

Thanks to all the guys from Team @BlackBerryScene

My not-so-golden (but every bit as awesome) ticket from the @BlackBerryScene Team entitling me to a Torch 9800 delivered to me on launch day.

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