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WordPress, Blogging, & Archiving – BlogBooker FTW!

June 27, 2011 Leave a comment

I have mentioned before how I temporarily lost a post I wrote for another, now defunct, blog and then found it in a random file on my computer so I was able to re-post it here. It was when that happened that I realized the importance of archiving my work that I post on this blog and any other blog on my computer or on some form of removable media. Not that I don’t love The Cloud, I do. In fact, my personal Microsoft Word has the Google Docs plugin installed which syncs all my Word documents to my Google Docs account.

So you can be sure that before I hit the “Publish” button on this post I am going to be saving it in Word as a separate document for future reference. In fact, I have decided to move the bulk of my blog writing to Microsoft Word and then copy/pasting the words in to a “New Blog Post” in WordPress. It is then fairly simple to add in all the pictures and go from there.

But what about all the posts I (or you) have already done? Can you get those off of your WordPress account easily and with no hassle? If you google “wordpress export” you will be given as the first hit the WordPress tutorial on how to export your blog. Seems simple right? The problem with the Export tool that WordPress provides is that it assumes that you are going to be using the exported data as part of a new blog. As such, it only spits out an XML file of ALL of your blog’s content. Useless to someone who wants to be able to show all the writing they have done or be able to recover a post later if it gets deleted for one reason or another.

Of course there is the option of manually going through each and every post you have ever written, highlighting all the text, copying it, and pasting it into individual Word documents (or whatever word processing program you use). That is quite the arduous task so I figured there HAD TO BE a better way. Thankfully, I know the awesome tweeps Laura aka @lmmandell and her husband Sam aka @SamTitle. I was randomly speaking about this quandary of mine with Laura when she mentioned that Sam had faced a similar issue a little while back and she remembered he had found a way to resolve it. I got in touch with Sam via the interwebs and he pointed me to an amazing website called BlogBooker at The best part about this site? It is completely FREE! (Although they always appreciate donations!)

Crowdsourcing FOR THE WIN!

What BlogBooker does is it takes the content from a WordPress, Blogger, or LiveJournal blog and turns it into a “PDF Blog Book”. Originally, what I wanted was each of my posts to be individual Word documents but this works just as well in my honest opinion and I can always separate them into individual files later quite easily. For my WordPress blog all that BlogBooker required me to do was download the aformentioned XML file (a whopping 2.46 MB) from WordPress and upload it into BlogBooker. Once that finished, BlogBooker started processing it and within a few short minutes it spat out an 18.6 MB PDF file for my saving pleasure. Fantastic!

The file comes complete with a Table of Contents which is clickable to jump to each post.

It makes each year’s worth of posts into a chapter and each month’s worth of posts into a sub-chapter. Because it is a PDF you also have the option of – if using Adobe Reader – jumping easily between posts with the lists in the sidebar. Truly amazing if I do say so myself.

If you are a blogger and are reading this and realizing that you too never backed anything up from your blog and feel that now might be a good time to start I highly recommend checking out BlogBooker. This blog’s BlogBooker blog turned out to be a whopping 503 pages (even I am amazed by that) and I could only imagine the horror that I would have felt if I ever lost all of that hard work writing. I feel like a broken record here but I really cannot stress enough how much I endorse checking this site out and backing up your blog to a BlogBooker PDF file.

Blogging About A Former High School Secretary In Quebec Brings Lots of Blog Traffic & Samantha Ardente Update

April 20, 2011 2 comments

I found this too amusing not to post about. People of the interwebs you are uber-horny! You folks probably remember my post on April 9 “Samantha Ardente”: If You Didn’t Want To Be Caught You Were Working In The WRONG Place well it seems it has been responsible for a massive up-tick in this blog’s traffic – mainly to that post.

What do you mean? You may be wondering. Well what I am referring to is that when my friend decided to google the name “Samantha Ardente” from his iPhone the first hit that popped up was my post linked above. I am unsure why this happened but it did…strangely enough it didn’t happen when I tried it on my BlackBerry or on my computer. Maybe Steve Jobs can explain it. Either way when I searched the same thing on my PC today my post came through in Chrome on the first page and in IE9 on the 3rd page (still pretty high up in my opinion).This is the only thing which I can attribute this massive increase in traffic although in order for it to mean anything you horny interwebbers must be actually clicking on the searches!

Still not convinced? You want more proof that Trekkie Monster from Avenue Q was right and the “Internet is for Porn”? (See a clip here for what I am referring to if you don’t know.) OK! You got it! It is only Wednesday and I already have beaten my traffic for all of last week by close to 1,000 hits and it is still growing. Before this, my site’s traffic was growing steadily because I was blogging every day but this explosion is all due to Samantha Ardente.  My top searches for the past 7 days all relate to Samantha Ardente in some manner in terms of the first 25 search results bringing people to my blog. Numbers 26 & 27 are “rotisserie chicken channel” and “importing chrome bookmarks to ie 9”.

So I want to say a thank you to all you horny people who came to this blog looking for Samantha Ardente and I wanted to welcome you to my blog. I also want to encourage you to look around and read some of the other less sexual material, when you’re done doing what you’re doing…and maybe wash your hands first.

LASTLY An Update on Samantha Ardente:

This comes via Samantha Ardente’s name is actually Julie Gagnon.

The former high school secretary has now announced that she has found a new job  – posing for nude photo spreads! She will be featured in Summum Magazine’s May (Mai in French) issue which hits the stands tomorrow. If you want to check out Summum Magazine’s website be aware it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK as it is an ADULT MAGAZINE – here it is

As well, she has launched a website (I couldn’t find it with a quick search) and she plans to sell a range of sex products under the Samantha Ardente brand. I wonder if this will be marketed to French Canada only or not.

Lastly, it is now being claimed by Samantha Ardente aka Julie Gagnon that the 14 year old student who was reported to have wanted an autograph from her actually wanted oral sex. When she refused, the student put up the Facebook page and told the entire high school which is what outed Ms Gagnon and caused her to lose her job (in the school, not the adult entertainment industry).

Define ‘Purvey’: It Means Something Very Different From ‘Survey’

March 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Some of you who were at The Art of Marketing in Toronto on March 7, 2010 probably got copies of the magazine they handed out for free. If you did and you read through it you may also have read the ads. I noticed this ad – pictured above – read it and then re-read it in disbelief. (I took out all mentions of the name of the brand on purpose so please if you recognize it don’t comment with the name of the brand.)

**** Before continuing I should point out I do not know who actually worded this ad. For all I know the ad was sent from the brand to the people who put the magazine together and from there sent to a printer and somewhere after it left control of the brand someone screwed up the wording royally. If so, then I hope the brand got a bunch of money back for this ad because it made them look BAD. ****

If you’re going to try to use big words please figure out what they mean first. ‘Purvey’ does not mean the same as ‘Survey’. I don’t think this is a typo because the ‘P’ and the ‘S’ are in completely different parts of the keyboard. Let’s be clear, I am not perfect (surprised, right?). I often make mistakes in typing or use bad grammar when I write this blog. One of the things I was most guilty of in my school years was run-on sentences. HOWEVER, if I were writing an ad to go into a magazine to be given out to hundreds or thousands of people I’d like to think I’d be a lot more cautious with my editing.

Purvey according to TheFreeDictionary:

  1. To supply (food, for example); furnish.
  2. To advertise or circulate.

Does that word make sense in the sentence as put together by this advertiser? “We also send out an exclusive eBlast, after we purvey your city to find the best stuff for young professionals.”  The word SURVEY would make sense in that sentence, “We also send out an exclusive eBlast, after we survey your city to find the best stuff for young professionals.” However, the word purvey does not. That sentence as it was published basically says that this website sends out an exclusive eBlast, after they supply your city and then, somehow by supplying the city, manage to find the best stuff for young professionals. Maybe because they supply it they know where it is? That makes no sense because that isn’t what that website does and it still doesn’t make sense because why would they have to find it if they supplied it? Do they supply it to people in a back alley somewhere and then have to go out a couple of hours later and find out what happened to the ‘best stuff’ they supplied and where it ended up? I doubt it.

I wonder how many people read that ad, laughed about it, and will never take that brand seriously again. Maybe they were relying on the bulk of people not knowing what the word meant and just reading it contextually? It looks to me as if they were trying to sound refined and cool and knowledgeable and instead – in my mind – they just came off looking foolish. It also appears to me as if they need better editing. Again, as I mentioned before starting this post – for all I know they didn’t put the word purvey in there, they wrote survey and someone screwed up. Maybe it is an example of a Damn You Auto-Correct situation somehow. Maye we will never know.

I invite the brand to get in touch with me and let me know what happened with this ad.

We Came Up With A New Type Of Fun! ‘Quantum Recreation’ – Here’s What It Means:

March 25, 2011 1 comment

We came up with a new term at the Tweetgasm on March 21 – Quantum Recreation!

Before I continue I think I should explain what the heck a Tweetgasm is – mainly because a lot of people on Twitter were confused when we were tweeting about it on Monday. Tweetgasm is: The monthly tweetup at The Gladstone Hotel (@GladstoneHotel), with an awesome party in the Melody Room. We all came and enjoyed a drink (ok, maybe a few more than  one) and mixed and mingled with fellow Toronto Twitterati. Hosted by @photojunkie, this past month we spent the night being entertained by the awesome DJ duo, Speedboats and Big Explosions (@SBBEmusic).

After the DJ Duo had wrapped up and most people had already left, John Edgar aka @JEdgar, Sacha Sayan aka @SachaSayan, Allegra aka @CapnAllegra, and I all remained amongst a few others talking. I told either Sacha or John I am working now for the QR Agency and he asked me if I knew what QR stood for*. Before I could answer he answered it himself by saying “Quantum Recreation?” and laughing. Once he had come up with that term we decided we needed to define exactly what it is. We decided that since quantum means: the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction (I took that from Wikipedia’s article on “Quantum“) Quantum Recreation therefore meant a small amount of fun. But then we continued with our ridiculousness saying, well if it is such a minute amount of fun did it even happen? Maybe Quantum Recreation is fun so brief it didn’t even happen? OR – and this is where we came up with our stroke of genius – maybe it is fun that never happened because we will never, ever speak of it again! Much the way it is said “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, referring to the idea that any activities or fun that is had of a nature which might disappoint or anger other people back home does not ‘come back with you’ from the party city of Las Vegas, that is exactly what Quantum Recreation is.

To use it in a sentence: “Yup, Bill just came back from his trip to Vegas, he went there for some Quantum Recreation.”

Much as with the thought experiment of Schrödinger’s cat where the cat existed as both alive and dead in the box until it was observed by a human, quantum recreation never happened and did happen unless observed by a human in which case they and they alone can know the truth. Trippy isn’t it?

I put this word on the Urban Dictionary so when it gets reviewed and posted onto the site (it is under review right now) I will post a link and let’s get it fully approved!!!


*I do know what the QR in QR code stands for – it stands for Quick Response.

WordPress Needs A Fail Mascot aka Fail Pet aka #FAILcutie

March 24, 2011 4 comments

Thankfully, WordPress doesn’t have glitches or issues which cause to go down very frequently.

HOWEVER, given the massive issues which happened with WordPress hosted sites on March 22 I got to know the WordPress 504 Error Page pretty well. There were actually two incarnations: the one pictured here and one that I, unfortunately, did not have the presence of mind to screen cap.

I move for WordPress to introduce a Fail Mascot aka #FAILcutie of their own! Twitter has the Fail Whale and Fail Robot, Klout has the Klout Puppy, Tumblr has Tumbeasts, and there list goes on. Fred Wenzel over on the site “fredericiana” wrote multiple posts about them and has updates about what he calls Fail Pets – I hope he doesn’t mind that I borrowed the picture of the Twitter Fail Robot from him when I made the picture to your left.

Mashable‘s Erica Swallow wrote a whole post in September 2010 – “35 Entertaining 404 Error Pages” which shows although we hate getting the errors if there’s something cute about it we can at least appreciate it…after all society does teach us that laughter is the best medicine!

But what should WordPress’ Fail Mascot aka Fail Pet be? Well their logo is a ‘W’ in a circle but as we have seen from Twitter and Klout and Tumblr the type of mascot chosen does not necessarily have to have anything at all to do with the nature of the site. Really it could be anything that’ll put a smile on our faces…cute helps too because, come one, how can you be angry when you see the Klout fail puppy? It’s so darn cute!

Any ideas as to a new WordPress Fail Mascot I would love to hear! Maybe some day they’ll even use it!

Vote Pedro…Wait…No, That’s Not Right. VOTE ZACH!

March 23, 2011 Leave a comment

A Twitter friend of mine – who I have also met in the real world – and a truly awesome guy named Zach Bussey (@ZachBussey) is in a competition/contest being put on by Doritos and he needs you to vote today at! (See below for non link)

The contest requires you to either sign up – the first time voting you need to signup for an account which is a couple of minutes process and reports have come back from people already registered that they do not send you any unsolicited emails. Personally, I have been clicking the Login With Facebook Button that is offered when you click the Vote Button but apparently some people don’t like to connect their Facebook accounts with other things online. To each their own.

So why am I pushing this aside from the fact that Zach is a good guy? It isn’t because I truly believe that the Buffalo Wings n Ranch flavor (the one Zach chose) is freaking awesome because I have yet to try either. So my reasons beyond Zach is a good guy are twofold, in no particular order they are: PARTYING & CHARITY!

The grand prize for the whole shebang is $25,000 – ya, that’s TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! Of that money, Zach has committed to donate TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ($10,000) to charity.

You might be thinking, “Wait, what? Why isn’t he going to donate at least half of the $25,000 to charity? Dan, you said Zach was a good guy!” BUT I’m not finished, so keep reading! Zach is going to take $5,000 from the winnings and throw a huge victory party as a thank you to everyone who voted for him and supported him in this cause. I like the sound of that! Don’t you? This is why I am urging you to vote today at! If you live in Toronto it is in your own interest – the party will be epic – and even if you don’t we’re talking TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS TO CHARITIES WHO REALLY NEED IT!

Zach's Entry on the Doritos: Write The End Contest Page

The other ten thousand bucks that’s left over will go towards a startup that Zach wants to get off the ground. Who knows, it could end up being the next Facebook and you’ll know that YOU helped make that possible.

More importantly, the CHARITABLE DONATION BREAKDOWN as taken directly from Zach’s blog:

  • $3,500 reserved to send me somewhere that needs volunteer help and money. Whether that’s helping with the continued oil spill cleanup, assistance to one of the many earthquake ravaged nations, etc. I will seek out a group to travel with and physically go down and help in any way possible. I’ll document this trip with videos and through my blog.
  • $2,000 to Sick Kids Foundation. The reason for this is I am a Sick Kids kid. I had life saving surgery in the first few weeks of my life. I have a blog post in the works that will go into more detail so I’ll save the rest of the story for sometime in the next couple weeks. [Dan’s note: I had no idea that Zach and I were kindred spirits in this regard! As I mentioned in my post about the ING Direct AmberMac THRiVEtastic! Event I was born with a heart condition called Pulmonary Valve Stenosis.]
  • $1,500 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The HSF I feel more connected to since #LoveAHeart and am more aware than ever of the great work they do. [Dan’s note: I was also a part of #LoveAHeart and was auctioned off as well and as I mentioned above and in a previous post I was born with a heart condition.]
  • TWO donations of $1,500 each donated to charities chosen by you! (Leave suggestions in the comments below [Dan’s note: comments on Zach’s blog but if you write them here I will ensure he gets them and will attempt to persuade him to count them, but no promises], the 2 with the most suggestions will be selected).

Zach also made a video – obviously using Doritos – in the style of Epic Meal Time, you can check it out below. AND as an extra added bonus he promises to provide the dishes he made in the video (fresh ones of course)  at the victory party. (It’s a good thing he is donating money to the Heart & Stroke Foundation because after eating those things we’re all going to need it!)

Remember: VOTE ZACH!!!

He is currently in 4th place but we need to make this final push and get him some more votes!

* If the link makes you uncomfortable here’s the full sized link –

WordPress FAIL, My #PostADay Challenge Continues Anyway!

March 22, 2011 3 comments
The WordPress error page I received tonight when I tried to write a blog post before heading out. 

The WordPress error page I received tonight when I tried to write a blog post before heading out.

This isn’t the post I wanted to write today. I wanted to write all about…well, you’ll have to wait and see when I post it another day. 😉

So why aren’t I writing the post I wanted to write tonight? Well, honestly it is because WordPress’ site was down as you can see from the error page above and the “updated info” on the issue below.

Tonight, after work, I was all set to sit down at 5pm and blog before heading out to Lou Dawg”s – on King St West for the #DawgsTO tweetup which was called for 7pm and I got the error message I screencapped for you to see. I waited and kept trying to load the page thinking, “This’ll be fixed quickly and I can get my blog post done”, but I was wrong.

When 6:45 rolled around and I still had no access to “Create New Post” option on, there wasn’t any new info on the Support page, and I was already going to be late to this tweetup (its 7:45 and I’m at St. Patrick Station) I knew I had to start heading down from “The Jewrisdiction” as I call it in real life and on Foursquare get to Wilson Station, and head downtown to King West.

As usual, I am giving every one of my readers the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Could I have written the post I wanted to earlier in the day? Sure, I suppose…but how many bosses do you know who’d take kindly to you working on your personal blog when you’re supposed to be working? And don’t you dare say you think “the Bobs” from Office Space would be cool with it because they were consultants hired by corporate, not technically Peter’s boss. Lumbergh was Peter’s boss! So, ha!

The WordPress Support Page, “They’re working on the issue” but I’d already waited more than an hour and couldn't wait any longer.


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