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A Question Of Business Card Etiquette

September 23, 2011 5 comments

Remember I discussed about a month back about different business cards  and how once you hand over your business cards there’s no point in self-deprecating because they want to speak to you and don’t really care about your business card and what it looks like?  Well, today I have a question for you kind folks about business card etiquette – as well as my own opinion on the subject (obviously).

This all hinges on what I was told about a year ago by some guy I met at Social Media Day 2010 Toronto. He told me that when you are handed a business card it is bad etiquette to put it in your back pocket. Personally, I used to always put them in my back pocket because every other pocket of mine already had a purpose. Front two were cell phone & gum, backup phone battery, & other miscellany whereas one of my back pockets always had my wallet. Because my other back pocket was completely free I always thought it was a great place to store my received business cards at events. Not so, said this gentleman, because you are putting them near your butt it is a sign of disrespect. Ever since, I have tried to follow this whether or not he was right it sounded like something I didn’t want to risk. This, however brings me to the question. Read more…

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