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Roaring 20s Themed #CCSpeakeasy Tomorrow! This History Geek Is EXCITED!

November 2, 2011 10 comments

Do you watch the HBO (here in Canada, HBO Canada) show with Steve Buscemi called Boardwalk Empire? I do and when I got this invite I was excited, to say the least.

During the Prohibition era, Canadian Club was secretly brought over the border into the U.S. in wooden cases and unmarked barrels. The era has recently been popularized by the critical and mass success of the show I mentioned above, HBO Canada‘s Boardwalk Empire. Tomorrow night, I have been invited to join my friend and host Casie Stewart (aka @CasieStewart) for an authentic Boardwalk Empire themed speakeasy experience, paying tribute to this historic time period and Canadian Club’s role in shaping bootleg culture. Of course, what event would be complete these days without a hashtag? Tomorrow night’s is #CCspeakeasy.

I am told by my sources (aka the picture below) that the Canadian Club Speakeasy will feature Boardwalk Empire cocktails, complimentary beverages/appetizers, authentic Prohibition Era artifacts (the History Major in me swooned reading this). I wonder if we’ll be able to touch/play with the authentic Prohibition Era artifacts. If we are allowed to I might need someone to hold me back because I’ll be hogging them the entire time. (I can’t remember if I was “good at sharing” in kindergarten and preschool but I have a feeling I won’t be tomorrow night, haha.) As well, there will be music, decor, and attire from the roaring 20s at the Canadian Club Speakeasy. Did you know that the flasks we have today took on their distinct curved shape during the Prohibition. This was because ladies would smuggle booze on their hips under their dresses and skirts during that time and the curved shape made the flask(s) fit against the hip and be less obvious to prying eyes. My friend told me this and I haven’t actually verified it but it is something that makes total sense.

As I said, I’m excited to check this party out because it’ll be guaranteed heck of a time. The closest thing we have these days to a speakeasy (or a “speak” as the cool folks called them back then) is an “after-hours” and those locations are always an interesting experience in of themselves. We’re also encouraged to wear period appropriate attire and for me that means Halloween is coming twice in a week! To me, that is just a ton of WIN! because who doesn’t like to dress up? I sincerely believe anyone who doesn’t is lying or maybe has somewhat forgotten how to have fun. I’m thinking that my new Ivy Cap by Woolrich I got from the 2011 Toronto Movember Launch Party will be a perfect addition to this look. It’s funny how fashion goes because I adore that hat and wear it all the time anyway and the Roaring 20s were 90 years ago!

On another funny note, at the beginning of this week my friend, Shannon “@Shananigans5” Hunter said to me that this was going to be a quiet week with no events. Here we are on Wednesday evening and I have been to an event Tuesday (The Big Give), Wednesday/tonight (Sony Ericsson Telus Xperia ray Toronto launch), and I’ll be going to the #CCspeakeasy. So much for that! Toronto truly is a great city with tons of stuff going on and anyone who thinks otherwise just needs to get out and experience the awesome our city has to offer!

I am also well aware that this blog this week has been more about events I am going to be attending than anything else. I am going to work to rectify that for tomorrow and Friday. Honestly, I worry that if I post more than one post per day while doing the “Post-A-Day Challenge” I will end up stuck one day with no material and curse the day I wrote more than the prescribed single post.

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