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The Value of Saying ‘No’ to Provide Great Customer Service

June 26, 2012 7 comments

waiter with beer mugs

The other night I went to a local pub with two friends after we attended an event for some drinks and food on King St West in Toronto. When I got to the pub I noticed that, after all the pictures I had taken and with the tweeting/checking-in I had done all afternoon and evening my phone’s battery was into the yellow – which meant my battery was getting pretty low. Being a tech geek addicted to my phone I had planned for this and brought my charger with me so I could plug in anywhere that had an outlet and charge up to get me through the rest of the evening with a working phone. We sat down at a table in the pub and I began to look around for a power outlet, something fairly ubiquitous in most establishments in North America, but for the life of me I couldn’t spot one anywhere.

I asked our server if she knew of any plugs in the are where we were sitting that I just hadn’t found and she told me there weren’t any in the seating area but if I asked on of the bartenders they would be happy to plug it in for me and give me a charge. I thanked her, went over to the bar, and asked the bartender standing there to please plug in my device even offering my charger if he needed one because he didn’t have the right one behind the bar. He told me it was no problem and he had a charger for my device. I sat down and enjoyed a couple of hours with my friends and when we got up to leave I went over to the bar to get my device which I was promptly handed back, they didn’t even have to unplug it. Confused, I took a look at my device, Read more…

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