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Toronto: AmberMac Needs Your Help To Win Money For Charity. Just Come Out & Let Her & ING DIRECT Buy You Stuff!

March 8, 2011 7 comments

This afternoon I saw the tweet (above) from the well known Amber “AmberMac” MacArthur (@AmberMac on Twitter). Seems tomorrow Amber will be representing the Toronto part of a contest being run by ING DIRECT Canada. She will be competing against 3 other celebrities in 3 other Canadian cities as a promotion for THRiVE Chequing. The competition? A SPENDING SPREE!!!

The way it works is like this, “[f]or each THRiVEtastic contestant, DIRECT will donate $15,000 to the charity of their choice.” Each celebrity is tasked with spending $7,000 within 7 hours as fast as they can following 10 rules (listed below). Doing this will win an additional $15,000 for their choice of charity.

HOWEVER, there’s one further catch – the celebs can spend the money on anyone EXCEPT themselves.

Amber has chosen as her charity of choice The Therapeutic Clown Program at The Hospital For Sick Children (aka SickKids) in Toronto. This charity is so important for obvious reasons but for me it is all the more important. See, when I was born I had a heart condition called Pulmonary Valve Stenosis which required open heart surgery at, you guessed it, SickKids when I was only 3 months old. That makes this charity Amber has chosen especially near and dear to my own heart (literally and figuratively!) Therefore, I’ll be there just doing my part for charity, the free stuff has NOTHING to do wIth My Life trajectorY brINGing me there at that time. 😉

So if you’re around Yonge-Dundas Square at 1pm in Toronto tomorrow come out and help Amber win some money for SickKids from the generous folks over at ING DIRECT Canada. There’s massive fringe benefits for you too as you might be one of the lucky recipients of one of the FREE MONEY transfers or FREE GADGETS.

You can also follow the tweets with this hashtag #THRIVEtastic, check out the ING Direct Canada’s Facebook page about the contest here, and check out ING DIRECT Canada’s Twitter account @SuperStarSaver.


#THRiVEtastic Rules:

  1. Spend $7,000 on everyone BUT themselves – as fast as they can.
  2. Can’t spend more than $700 at a time.
  3. Can call 3 friends for spending advice.
  4. Must purchase 3 orange things.
  5. Must visit an Exchange® Network ABM* (max. $700).
  6. Must make an email money transfer.
  7. Must make 3 donations in person.
  8. Must field 3 Tweets and 3 Facebook requests (#THRiVEtastic or Facebook/SuperStarSaver).
  9. Must visit an ING DIRECT Café and pay one person’s utility bill (max. $250).
  10. Must write at least 1 cheque from your THRiVE Chequing Account.


I’m Going On The Auction Block For Charity! Tonight @ #LoveAHeart For The Heart & Stroke Foundation

February 10, 2011 6 comments

That’s right, you read the title correctly. I am putting myself up for auction tonight in a Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction for Charity as part of Social Media Week Toronto (#SMWTO). The event itself was organized by @Shananigans5 and @AllyLesniak. Ally founded, writes for, and is editor of the popular Toronto blog GirlsOfTO and you can check out GirlsOfTO’s “official” post about the charity auction here.

There is a $5 cover charge for the event all of which goes directly to the Heart & Stroke Foundation – The Hideout is donating the space as well as some live music for the evening. Doors open at 8pm and the first round of bidding begins at 9:30pm (I am the second up on the auction block).

If you would like to follow the hashtag online leading up to, during, and after the event it is #LoveAHeart

As well, most of the event details are up at the Facebook Event Page here:

The event will be at The Hideout which is at 484 Queen Street West (Toronto) here’s the GoogleMaps place page for it or you can just check out the map and street view below(click to enlarge) for the location as well.

GoogleMaps Map

Google StreetView

Some people have asked me why the heck I am doing this?

  • Because it sounds like fun.
  • Because it is for a good cause (The Heart & Stroke Foundation).
  • Because I’m keeping to my ‘Yes Man’ ideals and it was put forward to me to put myself on auction.
  • Because I’m single so I have no girlfriend, wife, or fiancée who may get mildly perturbed by me putting myself up for auction.
  • Because you only live once.
  • It’ll probably be very amusing (for me and everyone else but probably for different reasons).

For all the ladies who would like to bid on me tonight and need to know more details here they are:

  • All bidding starts at $25.
  • Cash only & in person only for bidding
  • I will be in the 1st round of Bachelors & Bachelorettes beginning at 9:30pm. I am the second person up for auction after the lovely @gujessie (Jessie Gu).
  • Highest male & female bidders will each receive a Nella Bella bag (handbag for the ladies and a duffle bag for the gents) as well as a $100 each from Sleeman to spend at The Hideout.
  • Highest bid of the night wins a pair of Leafs Tickets.

In the GirlsOfTO Official #LoveAHeart post mentioned above here’s my bio:

Not to be confused with the sexually ambivalent son of Eugene Levy, Dan is a twitter rockstar, a friend to everyone and one of the cutest boys on our list. Bid high and fast.

In his Love A Heart Auction: Bachelor Buyers Guide one of the other bachelors, @ZachBussey, wrote this about me:

Dan’s a well known guy in Toronto’s Social Media scene. Probably one of the friendliest guys you’ll meet. You’ll catch him at basically every tweetup ever. Sells for $85″

Actually, Zach wrote a couple blog posts about the upcoming auction. One of them was “Love A Heart Auction: Speaketh the Auctionees” posted yesterday and found here. He asked us to answer some questions…I sort of didn’t so I’ll answer them here and I posted them in the comments on Zach’s blog post.

  1. How much do you think you’ll go for? I honestly have no idea. In a ‘Buyer’s Guide’ post that Zach Bussey wrote earlier (linked below) he said he thought I’d go for $85 so I will stick with that. It seems like a decent amount and I hope I can live up to that hype.
  2. Your best physical quality? My orthodontist will be proud to hear me say, my smile (I used to have a small overbite).
  3. Your best skill? Being social: Getting along with people, finding the good in everyone and liking them for it, and maintaining connections with people.
  4. Out of the 9 others, who do you deem your biggest competition? I haven’t given it any thought. I don’t think any of us really compete with anyone else because we are all very different people with different styles and personalities.
  5. Succinctly, make your pitch for the event why people should bid on you? Because I’m a nice guy; I like to enjoy life; my mom always tells me I’m a great person and her favorite 3rd son; and I love a good, witty conversation.
  6. And in one word, describe me (Zach Bussey): Sens-fan (Zach is from Ottawa)

Zach’s two other blog posts were:

I guess we will see if I live up to the hype.

Wish me luck!!!

The Pepsi Refresh Project with @AmberMac (#PepsiTweetup)

November 30, 2010 1 comment

On Monday, November 22, 2010 at The Pilot in Yorkville @PepsiCanada and the one and only @AmberMac put on quite the event!

The Pepsi Refresh Project’s site is at They describe the Project as “Looking for individuals, businesses (which have a maximum of 50 employees and $5 million in annual revenue), and non-profit organizations with ideas that will have a positive impact on communities.” Once they have the top voted ideas they give out grants to make those ideas a reality. The voting for this round of ideas ends December 31st so if you have an idea you still have plenty of time to send it in! This is an amazing project and an amazing thing that Pepsi is doing. If you have any ideas I strongly recommend you to go check it out. Even if you don’t go vote for whichever you think is the best ideas!

Me with @Smack416 aka Mo Bro Lee - who I randomly met at The Pilot. He liked my sign & wanted to get in on my picture.

We each were told to write on a board what we cared about and as you can see above I decided to champion my Movember fight against Prostate Cancer. Lee (@Smack416 on Twitter) saw what I was writing and asked to a part of my picture so I let him but then did another one a bit later (which you can see in the collage below).

For those of you who have been to The Pilot before yo u are probably wondering where the heck that picture was taken…it was done in front of a green screen! Check out the collage below for a picture I took of the green screen-photo area.

All in all it was a great night, I got to meet the one and only Amber MacArthur (@AmberMac) in real life as well as her fellow WebNation personality Maurice Cacho (@MorningMoe). Maurice, I am still waiting for that autograph!!! Jo (@ClickFlickCa) is going to be so jealous!

As well Pepsi got us a very special musical guest, the one and only Keshia Chanté who performed a couple of songs for us acoustically.

LEFT: My solo picture. MIDDLE: Top- Amber Mac Speaks; Middle- Pepsi Green Screen; Bottom- Keshia Chanté. RIGHT: Amber Mac & the Pepsi Refresh Representative.

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