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Signature Scent vs Scent Switching

November 23, 2011 9 comments

My current cologne collection.

The thought came to me the other day when I opened up my cupboard where I keep my colognes and contemplated how I know some people who ALWAYS in my memory wear the same cologne or perfume. I wondered if it said something about them – or about me – that I prefer to shift between colognes depending on my mood, the weather, and/or where I am going.

Growing up I often would come across a character in a book or in a movie or TV show who was recognizable by their specific scent. Even after they were gone, the author or other characters would describe the sensory perception of them in a defined scent. Personally, I would never fit into that kind of description because of how often I change between colognes. Granted I have stayed with three of the four I have pictured above (although I have been using the John Paul Galtier “Le Male” ‘Stimulating Summer Fragrance’ variation for the past while) I have always been ready to switch it up for no particular reason whatsoever.

Does having a ‘signature scent’ indicate something about a person psychologically? Should we all try and have signature scents? I can understand people – especially significant others – wanting each other to have a familiar scents and therefore can see a reason for it but at the same time I don’t know if I will ever settle down for just one scent. Heck, even if I do try and settle down with one scent won’t me changing deodorants, soaps, shampoos, detergent, fabric softener, and even toothpaste affect the overall outcome in some subtle way?

Do you have a signature scent? If yes, have you/do you switch your signature scent every couple of years? Or have you stuck with it since you got it?

REVIEW: AXE Hair Products – Natural Understated Cream & Downpour Refreshing Mint Shampoo

April 28, 2011 26 comments

In mid-March I received the care package you see above from AXE Canada online community manager Guneet Singh (@AXECanada on Twitter) who clearly works with Harbinger Ideas, judging by the card in the picture above. The reason this has taken me so long to post is because I was uber-busy since then and didn’t have a chance to get a haircut. Therefore, my hair was too long to use with the styling cream I was sent and because that will be the main portion of this review, I decided to wait.

First things first, the shampoos. Both AXE Downpour Refreshing Mint Shampoo (green) & AXE Zen Soothing Tea Tree Shampoo (purple) smell really good in my opinion but, then again, I don’t think I’ve ever smelled a shampoo with a rank, unpleasant smell. Both shampoos definitely score well above average when smelled from the bottle in my books. I’ve only really used the AXE Downpour Refreshing Mint Shampoo and I enjoy the smell of it in the shower, for sure. It lathers up nicely and leaves my hair clean so no complaints there either.

One amusing thing did happen to me when I had just recently used the Downpour shampoo: I was sitting in the car with two friends, my friend Sara was in the back seat. We were talking about randomness and then she looked at me and Noah and asked which of us smelled really good. She soon concluded it was me and started smelling my hair continually, which was vaguely amusing to me because it was just like in all those AXE commercials! For once TV didn’t lie! I should mention, however, that I was also that day wearing Michel Germain: séxual sugar daddy so the two smells may have been complimenting each other, I don’t know. She did say that the smell was in my hair though and I don’t spray cologne in my hair so I don’t think it was the cologne. She then went on to rave about how women would kill for my hair because it’s so soft but I have been honestly hearing that from women for YEARS so I’m just lucky there I guess.

My hair has always been very fine and straight and therefore whenever I tried to use a gel like many of my friends I ended looking bald as all my fine hair would bunch together and it just wasn’t pretty. For me, the first product I ever found that just worked well was via my buddy Jon. He had this stuff called Dove Defined Texture Molding Cream and I tried it once when we were on a trip and I didn’t have anything with me to make myself look sexy. I absolutely loved the stuff once I tried it and began buying it for my own regular use. Unfortunately for me, they decided to discontinue it a bunch of years later and leave me in the lurch. I wasn’t exactly pleased with the situation but in order to rectify it I went out and bought 6 containers of my ideal hair styling product (the Dove cream) at a store that still had some and used it for quite a while afterwards – it literally would take me 4-6 months to finish one of those containers. I was, however, always on the lookout for more of this product even stopping in pharmacies in New York City and Miami when I was in those cities and I saw a random pharmacy just to check if they had it there. (They never did).

When I finally ran out of my 6 containers – my older brother helped when he saw the Dove hair product in my bathroom and took a big dollop assuming it was skin cream – I needed to find something different but hopefully the same. I called Unilever and they recommended I try AXE Charged Spiked-Up Look Putty (in the picture to the right it is the one with red letters) and they were even awesome enough to send me a coupon for it to try it out free! I bought some and it was pretty damn good however, it simply did not replace in my heart my dearly departed Dove Defined Texture Molding Cream.

And then, as if he somehow sensed my need, Guneet contacted me randomly through the magic of the Twiter – this may have been because I raved about the awesomeness of Unilever’s customer care hooking me up as they did and recommending which product would replace the old product. People have laughed that I called but the way I figured it, who better would know what product in their lineup would replace the Dove Molding Cream better than Unilever the company that made it? In any case, Guneet sent me, in a package, 3 new hair products which I believe AXE Canada just released: AXE Natural Understated CreamAXE Downpour Refreshing Mint Shampoo, & AXE Zen Soothing Tea Tree Shampoo and asked me to try them out, no strings. Who wouldn’t say yes to that?

So once I finally got my hair cut I knew it was time to see if this new product from AXE would be the heir to the Dove Defined Texture Molding Cream throne. To put it bluntly, it absolutely is. I can’t tell you they’re the same exactly but it definitely is leaps and bounds better than AXE Charged Spiked-Up Look Putty and every other company’s hair styling product I have tried since the Dove product was taken off the market. Oh, and if you want some of the AXE Charged Spiked-Up Look Putty I have one and a half containers of it which I’ll probably never ever use. Long story why I have extra one and unimportant for the purposes of this post.

All I know, is if you have fine, soft, and straight hair like me or if you were a fan of the aformentioned now discontinued Dove product, GIVE THIS STUFF A TRY!!!

A VERY good substitute. If you loved the Dove product like I did I HIGHLY recommend trying AXE Natural Understated Look Cream.

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