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This Is Why I’m Fat; #CNEtweetup At The Ex Today

August 24, 2011 6 comments

OK, to be clear, I don’t actually think I am fat but it made for a funnier title. The reason it was chosen was because I took part in way, way too many fried foods today. These weren’t any fried foods, they were foods that were just ridiculous in nature because they are not meant to be fried and consumed by normal people. Currently, my stomach is not in full scale rebellion but it is very full of fried food. More on that in a bit!

At The Ex aka the CNE with @iamjazzy, @pshag, @michaelnus, @aplusadvantage & "Captain Jack Sparrow". Photo via @pshag 

At The Ex aka the CNE with @iamjazzy, @pshag, @michaelnus, @aplusadvantage & "Captain Jack Sparrow". Photo via @pshag

Today,  I went to visit the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) more commonly known as “The Ex” courtesy of the one and only Brad aka @pshag and the fine folks at @LetsGoToTheEx (that’s the Ex’s Twitter handle). I got a free admission pass from Brad and bought some ride tickets as well for myself and had a splendid day out with Brad, Jasmine aka @iAmJazzy, Michael aka @MichaelNus, and Charles aka @aplusadvantage for a day dubbed on Twitter as #CNETweetup. (Quick geek aside, every time I look at that hashtag I think it says CNET in reference to the tech website that has been around since forever and which I read religiously back when there weren’t many other tech websites to go to.)

I got down to the CNE a bit on the later side of the day because earlier it had been so rainy out and I wasn’t 100% sure if I was going to end up going down. I checked the weather forecast and it predicted cloudy skies with no rain by 1pm but that didn’t actually happen so I started doing some work. I then heard that the sun had come out downtown so I made my way south to The Ex. When I got down there I knew there were certain things that I just HAD TO try. These included the cheeseburger which replaces the bun for two Krispy Kreme Donuts made by a food stand called “Epic Burgers and Waffles” as well as the deep fried butter. Read more…

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