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Dogs: I Love Them But Don’t Know If I Can Ever Own One

April 7, 2011 8 comments

My friends' dog, Pete the Pug chilling in the backyard drinking a brew and wearing shades because it's so sunny out.

Dogs. As I said in the post title, I love them. I have seen friends and just random people with their dogs and how much they love them and enjoy playing with them and I agree that pets in general are awesome to have. However, also as I said above, I don’t think I could ever own a dog. Why? you ask. Well the answer is pretty basic and simple and to some very amusing: cleaning up after them when they go on a walk. Ya, using a plastic bag to do the clean up after a dog does what it needs to do is what prevents me from wanting to get one.

You may be laughing about this and you may agree with me. You may be saying, “Well, just get a Pooper Scooper and then you’re good to go!” Well who’s going to clean up that Popper Scooper? You? I certainly don’t want to!

I have theories as to why I am so not into the idea of it and one of them has largely to do with as a kid never having a pet like a dog where one has to deal with cleaning up after it or cleaning its cage (for smaller animals). I think because I never got acclimated to the idea of it in my younger years is what prevents me from wanting to even consider doing it now.

Some people have asked me, “OK, well what about when/if you have kids? You’ll have to deal with diapers and changing them!” Well, I have considered that and I don’t think I’ll have an issue with it…don’t ask me to explain why because I can’t.

The Klout Fail Puppy


Of course, this isn’t a categorical refusal to ever do it or own a dog because of this. Lots of things I thought I’d never do or never want to do I have done and do want to do now so people can change their mentality. This is just my feeling right now.

I do have a couple of solutions to my problem, one that I have come up with on my own and one that someone told me about recently.

  1. I get a farm or live somewhere with a huge backyard where I can let my dog roam free in a section of it. It can do its business in this section and I never have to worry about dealing with the cleanup. A gardener or landscaper might even do it for me which leads me to option two.
  2. I hire someone to walk my dog or cleanup after it in that area. There are apparently people who do this I found out, much to my surprise, recently. I could totally do that.

Penny the not even a year old mastiff, isn't she adorable...and huge!

However, even these 2 options I don’t think are very good solutions. A dog, in my mind, is a responsibility. As well, judging it from the outside perspective, I am fairly certain that part of the bond built with the dog is taking care of it. Not the actual cleaning aspect but being the one who takes care of it and takes it out for walks. I think that is a huge part of the relationship building between owner(s) and dogs and wouldn’t want to not have a full relationship with my dog if I had one.

What’s really funny (to me) is I told a friend of mine about this recently and she laughed at me about it. She laughed and joked about it until I called her out on it and said, “OK, would want to do it?” She replied, vehemently, “No”. (Don’t worry, I’m not calling you out on this but you know who you are!)

Lots of dogs are cute and very lovable I agree but this is one aspect I don’t know that I can really get over. Maybe someday I will.

Readers: Anyone with me on this? Anyone who ever thought the same as me and now has changed their tune? Let me know!

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