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Blogging: To Edit/Delete Or Not?

June 21, 2011 2 comments

Dan Levy blogging at laptop keyboard...OK technically this is a posed picture but that IS my hand and that IS my laptop from where I blog.

I have a quandary which I thought I would take to you folks, the readers of my blog. Thus far a whole bunch of people have read my post from 2 days ago – “Religion of Convenience Doesn’t Count As Being Religious“. I have gotten A LOT of responses from it, mostly off the blog in the real world.

I can’t remember who said it and I am probably paraphrasing the quote but a journalist or artist of some variety once said “If I’m not making you angry, I’m not doing my job.” Maybe no one said it and that can be attributed to me. Either way, I am not in the business here of trying to make people mad. I am not in business here at all as a matter of fact. This blog is being written for fun and for the Challenge of Post-A-Day. That night, that was what struck me.

More about the situation has since been explained to me but there is a lesson in there – perception is KEY. Don’t leave information out, no matter how trivial you think it is when you are asked a very specific question. People can get the wrong idea very easily. In fact, it turns out that that person DID speak to their local rabbi and the rabbi DID say that it is completely OK to take the Mezuzas when they left the house.

But here is the quandary I am left with. That post angered some people whose opinions I value. They really, really, REALLY did not like that I wrote that post. Sure, I got some great feedback from other people and it opened a lot of discussions about religion – I even got someone who wanted to write a response blog post on my blog. But here is my question to you, dear readers:

Is it OK for me to remove that post?

Does the fact that I already wrote it and published it mean it should stand and be untouched? Do I even have the right to remove it from the online discourse once it has been entered into it? I obviously know I CAN remove it from my blog. I obviously have the ability to just edit it into nothingness with a few clicks of a few buttons but is that intellectually honest for me to do?

Please – let me know what you think. I will take all your opinions into consideration.

Writing & Editing: A Little Time Makes A Big Difference

June 4, 2011 1 comment

Writing regular posts to this blog in the Post A Day Challenge has driven home a lesson that I learned in an OAC (Grade 13) Canadian History class a long time ago during the summer of 1998 at Earl Haig High School in North York, Toronto:

The more time you leave after you write something the better you will be able to edit it. Try to leave at least 24 hours after writing a paper before you go to review/edit it and then hand it in. If you can leave longer that is even better.

God, I wish I could remember the name of the teacher who taught us that.

That lesson has been one of the lessons that has really stuck with me over the years being the kind of person who almost always wrote his papers and essays at the last minute in school. My educational career’s essay writing experiences and attitude could be summed up in a quote from one of my high school friends:

The best minute is the last one.

I would tell you who it was but I don’t know if wants to be quoted on that and he is a twin so I don’t 100% remember which one of them said it – although I am somewhat sure I know which, but I digress. Read more…

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