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“Electricity vs The Internet”? How Is This Even A Question?

October 12, 2011 2 comments

In the Post-A-Day Challenge there are often days where some of us need help figuring out what to write. As such, WordPress, has set up a blog called “The Daily Post” to help us think of topics on days when we have nothing. Tonight I decided to take a look at the blog, which I haven’t in a while and saw Topic #270: What’s more important: electricity or the internet?

All I could think when I saw this post was, “REALLY?!?!?! How is this even a question? See below for a screenshot of the question in its entirety before I rip on it..and the 12 bloggers who “Liked” it as a topic.

How can this even be a question? Are the people at WordPress just getting extremely lazy? I don’t mind the question so much and the topic itself until the last few words:

If you had to lose one of these inventions, which would you keep? And why?

Well this here is a real tough one…what good is having all these computers and servers which make up the Internet if you have no electricity to run them? No matter what the power source they have to be supplied some sort of electricity otherwise they simply won’t run and then you have no Internet. I don’t even see how there is a debate on this – OF COURSE you have to choose to want electricity over the Internet because electricity isn’t useless without the Internet whereas the Internet is useless without electricity. The Internet can’t exist without electricity so the very concept of losing electricity but keeping the Internet just makes zero sense.

Come on WordPress! I admit I was lazy today and went to your blog for some inspiration but I wasn’t expecting such laziness from you guys! I know it is hard to write a post every day – believe me 10 months into this challenge I know how hard it is – but this is just beyond ridiculous. I am very happy that the comments I read on the post (I didn’t read all 43) agreed completely with me.

Maybe I and those commenters see this wrong…if we do let me know how else we can look at this in the comments below.

In-Flight WiFi But Where’s The Outlets?

October 15, 2010 2 comments

WiFi OnBoard logo on my plane

Second posting being written from above 37,000 feet above Florida, this time northern.
On my way down to Florida for the past week and now on the first leg of my trip home I notice something. Although all 3 flights have been equipped with WiFi (for a price, but that isn’t at issue) none of the flights chairs came equipped with an outlet of any sort be it regular electrical or USB. I am well aware that my particular flights have each not been longer than 3 hours (and this one is 2) but for most people using a laptop that is the limits of our battery life. Even a BlackBerry, iPhone or Android device would be pretty drained after continuous WiFi use for 2 hours.
I understand not having electrical outlets in a way because outlets & voltage are not a global standard. USB (Universal Serial Bus) however, IS a global standard. I think the airlines (I refer specifically to Delta as that’s who I’ve flown with on this trip and I am unsure about other airlines) should have made the necessary modifications when they outfitted their planes with WiFi to add USB outlets for us to charge our mobile devices.

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