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Facebook Messenger Beta For Windows 7 – I *LOVE* It!

January 18, 2012 6 comments

Facebook Windows 7 Messenger  Windows

I recently read about the release of a special beta of the new Facebook Messenger for Windows. This program for Windows 7 is standalone (it does not require your browser to be open) and yet leaves your Facebook Messenger open. Facebook Messenger aka Facebook Chat is honestly one of the primary reasons I still keep Facebook open on my computer and in my browser and this new little program gave me one less tab open in Chrome which I must say excited me. Immediately I went to – the info page about this new tool – and downloaded this application for my computer via the page which is linked on the “Help” page.

Facebook Messenger for Windows Notification in Taskbar

One huge thing – which seems simple but this is a program which solves a pure #FirstWorldProblem – is that because the program sits in your Windows 7 taskbar (at the bottom of the screen between the “tray” – where the time and date are – and the Start menu button) it responds like any other opened program or application. It lights up yellow (or whatever color your theme defines) and you can actually really notice it and find it easily. As well, I am a huge fan of Windows shortcuts. One of my main go to Windows shortcuts has always been ALT+TAB to quickly switch between running programs. Because my Facebook Messenger is now an entirely different entity running on my computer in of itself I can now quickly switch between, say, writing a blog post like this one and chatting all without touching the mouse! So much more efficient I love it!!!

If you are running Windows 7 and the messenger/chat is one of the primary reasons you use Facebook I highly recommend downloading this program.

New Facebook Chat Sidebar = Dislike

July 16, 2011 6 comments

I logged into Facebook today and saw that they had started a new version of the Facebook Chat. This new version included a sidebar which doesn’t allow you to scroll through the people who are online, includes a list of people who Facebook generates based on who they believe “you’ve interacted with most frequently or recently on Facebook.” As well, “[s]ince it updates dynamically, you can’t manually add friends to the list.” This is according to the “Using The Sidebar” article in Facebook Help.

The weirdest part of this is that that is all the information they will give you about how the list is generated. They don’t tell you what Facebook considers “interacted with.” Does it mean people who invite me to events that I never go to? Does it mean people who tag me in pictures I am not actually in? Does it mean people I don’t actually interact with? (The latter seems to be the case, by the way.)

Also, what is going on with the fact that it doesn’t show you only online people? Why would you do that Facebook? If I want to message someone who isn’t on Facebook Chat I am perfectly capable of composing a new message to them in the Messages area of Facebook. I don’t need you to show them in a list of people for me to instant message. In fact, at one point tonight when there was 29 people showing in my list 15 of them were online. Why would Facebook show me 14 people who weren’t online to ‘instant message’, to me this just seems idiotic. No longer can we scroll down our list of people who are online, we can only see the people online who Facebook wants us to see – unless we use the search option at the bottom of the list.

Sorry Facebook but I got to say – this is an epic fail. I hope you change our Chat back to normal. After the massive success you had with the great implementation of video chat this is just sad to see.

Anyone else have a completely different opinion on this? Do you like the new Facebook Chat introduced today?

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