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Movie #ProTip: Always Stay Til The Lights Go On, Unless It’s A Marvel Movie

May 8, 2011 6 comments

Tonight I went to go see the movie Thor. At Colossus Vaughan The movie was amazing but no spoilers here, not to worry.

Last week I went to go see Fast Five which I also enjoyed immensely but more on that experience later.

When I went to see Fast Five they had an extra scene after a first set of credits but then the lights came on. I stayed until after the rest of the credits but to no avail. There was only the one scene.

So that brings me to my ProTip with one exception:

Always Stay Til They Turn The House Lights On At A Movie!!!

With One Important Exception!!!

Marvel Movies!

Every Marvel movie I can think of…Iron Man, Iron Man 2, all the X-Men and more ALL had extra scenes after the FULL credits were played. So stay in your seat….otherwise you’re going to be watching that scene on the DVD or if you can’t wait, like me, in a really crappy cell phone camera rip on YouTube.

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