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Church’s Chicken IS In Toronto – I Break My @ChurchsChicken Cherry

April 3, 2011 8 comments


Church's Chicken Toronto at St Clair West & Dufferin. (Picture actually taken March 21, 2011 not tonight.)

After hearing a lot about this place and having a whole discussion with some people on the interiorwebs – namely Sean and Justin (on Twitter they are @sboulton and @The_JMoney respectively) along some other people who honestly I don’t remember but they totally did chime in when we were having this discussion like 3 weeks ago – I decided I finally had to try this place out. It is supposed to be like the best fast food chicken ever according to some…or maybe even the best chicken ever I’m not sure.

So tonight on my way home from a day spent mostly at Yonge & Eglinton I, for the first time, took the TTC”s St Clair 512 streetcar – and didn’t find it that much faster than a bus to be honest – out to Dufferin and St Clair West to visit this reportedly amazing chicken restaurant that used to exist all over Toronto and is now relegated to this one location – as far as anyone knows. (P.S. another link for the 512 St Clair aside from the official TTC one linked above is this one from which I got via Wikipedia’s article about it.)

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