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W00t! I’m Officially A @foursquare Superuser! Thanks @BrianG416!

May 26, 2011 19 comments

Just got this email in my inbox at 8 PM tonight EST. The message inside reads as follows:

Thanks for wanting to be a foursquare Superuser. You made the cut! As a Superuser Level 1, you can help keep foursquare venues organized. You’ll find your new tools at—-secret stuffs here–.

Check out the links below for how you can use your new powers for good.

House Rules: best practices for using foursquare as a community

Superuser guidelines: info on what kind of edits to make and how to use the new tools available to you

Venue Style Guide: official foursquare style for making edits and creating venues

Superuser forum on our support site: where our dedicated Superuser community chats about common questions and issues

Now get out there and edit that venue that’s been bugging you for months!

– team foursquare

I am very honored to be chosen to be one of the new foursquare Superusers. Thanks so much to Brian @briang416 Gonsalves one of the first completely random people I met via Twitter during foursquare Day 2010 – we never actually made it to the Toronto celebration but we did manage to meet. He was also the only foursquare Superuser I knew and he helped me in my bid to become a Superuser – support from an existing Superuser helped push your application to the top of the pile.

I first found out about the search by foursquare for more Superusers about a week ago when I read this Aboutfoursquare blog post, “Foursquare looks to add more superusers“. From there I went to the application page at and applied. I also asked Brian if he could give me an endorsement and he did – which probably helped a ton so thanks again Brian!

In writing this article I just found out that I can apply to become a Level 2 Superuser soon too! Wow! I went to the application page when I was getting the link for above and it told me this:

Hi! You were just recently upgraded to a Superuser Level 1. Continue being a model user and you can apply to be upgraded to Superuser Level 2 after 6/19/2011.

Cool beans! I promise to only use my newfound superpowers for truth, justice, and the North American way!!! I will combat misnamed and misplaced venues! Mind you, do you know of any that I should switch? Let me know in the comments and give me some proof as to the veracity of your claims and I will do like the crew of the Enterprise D and “make it so”!

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