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Mobilicity Contest Update & Giveaway!

July 20, 2011 8 comments

You may recall my entry to the Mobilicity contest to be the CEO Blogger and go on a road trip with CEO Dave Dobbin.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who voted for me and supported me in this endeavor. You don’t know how much I appreciate it.

Here is the video below in case you have yet to see it:

I asked you all to vote for me and my YouTube video and the video garnered so much attention that YouTube approached me to become a YouTube Partner for that video. (I sent in the necessary forms but am still waiting to hear back.) But, alas, even with 391 views, 39 Likes, 20 comments, and a YouTube Partnership offer it was not meant to be – I did not win the contest. Instead, a young lady named Kathryn Tom’s video (below) which got 8 Likes on Facebook under 200 views (pre-announcement that she had won), 4 Likes, and 0 comments on YouTube was the chosen winner by the panel of Mobilicity judges including Dave Dobbin himself.

Cool, I hope she is having an amazing time and I wish her, Dave Dobbin, and Mobilicity all the best. But, as a runner-up Mobilicity hooked me up with some nice swag which I would like to share with my readers. The way I figure it, I didn’t win the grand prize so someone else who is part of the LevyNewsNetwork family should get something because you guys all rock.

This giveaway is open to residents of the Greater Toronto Area ONLY (unless you’re physically in Toronto on a regular basis so that means all folks who are within driving distance and are around the Toronto area often are welcome to enter).

First up, we have a really cool Mobilicity branded messenger bag Read more…

FREE @CityAndColour Concert TONIGHT @ 8:15pm Presented by @The_Edge & @NXNE

June 6, 2011 Leave a comment

I am very excited for this because this is one heck of a great band and I always love seeing some good music especially when it is free!

From Edge 102.1 Toronto’s website at (I also borrowed the poster above as well).

102.1 the Edge in concert with North By North East presents The Edge Sugar Beach Sessions featuring the City And Colour Official Record Release Party on Monday, June 6th at 8:15pm!

The new album Little Hell is on sale Tuesday, June 7th.

City And Colour will perform songs from the new record along with a couple of classics live at the Edge studio on Sugar Beach at 25 Dockside Drive.

This event is free to the public and everyone is welcome to come down to watch from Sugar Beach. If you can’t make it, you can watch it as it happens at!

Location on Google Maps (see map below)

I Won A FREE BlackBerry Torch From @BlackBerryScene

September 21, 2010 16 comments

Me with the @BlackBerryScene Team @ Yonge & St Clair Toronto after I won my 9800 Torch (that's what the card in my right hand is).


This past Friday as I was preparing to figure out who I was going to #FollowFriday on Twitter I saw a message pop up on my Twitter feed from @BlackBerryScene announcing that the first person to be at the intersection of Yonge & St Clair who found Team @BlackBerryScene and performed their favorite movie scene would a BlackBerry Torch 9800. Sitting a little north of Wilson and west of Bathurst I knew I had my work cut out for me.

I hopped in my car and started to drive south. Sitting south of Wilson on Yonge with 11 minutes to go I knew there was no way I was going to make it and be the first one there by driving. I got to Lawrence and quickly found a parking spot and ran down into the bowels of the TTC Yonge Line.

7 minutes left to go before my 20 minutes were up the train finally pulled into the station. Of course, that stop was when the train operators decided they needed to switch. The train finally got underway with 5 minutes to go.

22 minutes since the tweet was sent out and I finally got out of St Clair Subway Station to the sunny corner. I looked around for the @BlackBerryScene SUV which I had seen the other day outside the Bell Lightbox. Couldn’t find them. I looked around wildly and finally saw a bunch of people in black standing on the street corner across the street. I ran over and was told, “Sorry, that guy just won but you can keep following us downtown and we will be giving away more throughout the day.” AWWWW!

Then, the folks from BlackBerry said, what movie scene were you going to do? Can you do it anyway? Thinking why not I said OK and performed the scene from Pulp Fiction when Samuel L Jackson quoted Ezekiel. The BlackBerry crew cheered and one of them started reaching into their bag. “What’s this?” I thought. “A t-shirt? A battery?”…they pulled out a card and handed it to me and said, “YOU WON A BLACKBERRY TORCH!!! It will be delivered to your house on launch day!”

Astonished, I was speechless. I was so excited I was shaking as they handed me the card and a box and a Torch to pose for a picture. See above.

Thanks to all the guys from Team @BlackBerryScene

My not-so-golden (but every bit as awesome) ticket from the @BlackBerryScene Team entitling me to a Torch 9800 delivered to me on launch day.

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