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Being A Yes Man Leading To Adventure AGAIN!

August 10, 2011 Leave a comment


Blowfish Toronto King & Bathurst Exterior

Blowfish Toronto King & Bathurst Exterior

Tonight I came out to Future Shop’s “Speed Dating” event to launch their new phones and tablets for their back to school promos. It was amazing and I’m sure you’ll all be impressed with the knowledge exhibited by the Future Shop employees I met tonight at their respective stores. These folks really knew their stuff and knew it well!

While I was there I met a bunch of cool people and now I am somehow at the Blowfish 8 Year Anniversary Party which is rocking. In case you don’t know – because I didn’t! – Blowfish is a restaurant lounge at King & Bathurst in Toronto. It is, from what I can see on Foursquare, a Japanese style restaurant and lounge and apparently they have some great “mixologists”. I am excited to see where this night takes me because I really have no idea at this juncture.

What’s awesome is that I have now discovered a cool, new place in Toronto that I have never been to before. This party is banging even though it is, according to the bouncers, wrapping up shortly. I am told we might end up at the Drake Hotel on Queen West afterward but only time will tell. Again! This is why I always preach being a Yes Man! You never know where it might take you.

Have you done any Yes Man/Yes Women adventures lately? Where did it lead?

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