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Pics From When I Met Michael Nus, Casie Stewart, & Other Awesome Folks At #KloutTO

February 7, 2013 2 comments

My friend @MichaelNus recently wrote a post on his blog called “The Day I Met Chris Brooker.” The post, which I’m given to understand will be one of a series, is a great post by a superb gentleman about @cbrooker, someone whom I cannot begin to express enough praise. Chris Brooker is a really special human and I am privileged to know him. Nus’ post brought to mind the day I met a bunch of different people involved in social media and tech in Toronto (I refuse to call it the “Social Media Scene” or the “Twitterati”) and then somehow it got brought to mind last night by a complete different person in a completely unrelated manner.

It all started when Sandy aka @sassygirlcanada tweeted this:

Which led to my friend Raymond Motee aka @FunkyBarrister replying with this:

That tweet brought me into the conversation and brought to night the aforementioned night when I first met in the real world people from Twitter. The night was an awesome one hosted by Klout. They called it #KloutTO (yes, amazingly that hashtag search still brings in results from June 2010!) and I met a bunch of stupendous individuals many of whom I count among my friends today including Team SidewalkHustle: @TristanBanning & @HawleyDunbar, Casie Stewart (@casiestewart), Michael Nus, Chris Brooker, Joallore (@clickflickca), Dave (now @BlueFoxCA and not in Toronto but he had a different Twitter handle back then), and many others who right now I can’t remember that I actually met them on that day. I went that day even though I wasn’t an “influencer” which was the reason Klout was throwing the party for the influencers and due to a partnership with Virgin America Airlines and was immediately welcomed into this group of the “cool kids.”

I tweeted this with that rush of fond memories warming my brain: Read more…

#Tweetgasm May 2011

May 16, 2011 Leave a comment
TTC Sheppard West Subway Station Construction Site. Downsview Park, Toronto. April 2011

One of the pictures I sent in, it is of the TTC's Sheppard West Subway Station construction site on the north end of Downsview Park in Toronto. Taken April 2011.

Tonight was the monthly social media party at The Gladstone Hotel called Tweetgasm. The event’s theme this month was the Contact Photography Event as well as the Exposed Photography Event so there were a whole wack of cool and interesting photos up on all the walls. The hashtag for the event is always #Tweetgasm in case you’d like to follow the stream if you can’t make it or just want to keep up to date on the details of the next one.

As well, there were 2 LG TVs set up with pictures from around Toronto sent in to the Tweetgasm curator Rannie aka @photojunkie from the attendees. A few of my pictures were even featured which I thought was cool. One of them is up at the top of this post and the other two are below.

If you’re in Toronto and are at all involved in the “Twitter Scene” I highly recommend it.

The next Tweetgasm will be on June 20th and is described as being a “Pink Party” by @photojunkie. I am unsure what this means but I know it will be fun!

If you missed last night’s Tweetgasm here is the video of the entire slide show of photographs take. I recommended watching the whole thing because there are some really awesome pictures in there – especially when viewed full screen in 720p HD!

[Mobile friendly link here]

Below, are my two other photos Read more…

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