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#ATorontoXmas 2011 Was A Blast!

December 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Last night I got together with the #PartyPeopleTO (aka @PartyPeopleTO on Twitter) crew and had a fantastic time out for that charity event I told you about#ATorontoXmas at the Steam Whistle Brewery and we did it all for charity! (And to abuse our livers.) I thought I’d share some pics from the good times last night and make you salivate to join in next year if you missed this year. I don’t know how much we raised for GlassFrog but if I find out I will be sure to let you know. I hope quite a bit!

Some of these pics (where noted) come from @EstherKatzman, @MDee14, @OliveYouPR and @Shashena‘s Twitter streams. I hope they don’t mind my borrowing them!

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I also learned a two important lessons which I want to share with all gentlemen out there.

  1. When a lady (or group of ladies) tells you to take a picture “Boobs Up” that does not mean you, as the photographer should try and somehow find an angle for the photo in which their boobs appear higher. (I was quite confused by this.) Rather, “Boobs Up” really means “From the boobs up” but those first two words are apparently implied. I had no idea about this before last night.
  2. When you are attempting to pick up a lady/hitting on her at a Christmas party it is not a good idea to call her “Santa’s little whore.” One of my friends was called this last night by someone who I am going to hope had imbibed in too much alcohol because otherwise he wouldn’t have been such a rude scoundrel.

OK, I’ll be honest, I knew the second one already I was just astonished that somebody would say that. Honestly, in the words of  Stephanie Tanner “How rude!”

Hope you had a great weekend and excuse the short post for tonight and chalk it up to getting really into a new book – 11/23/1963 by Stephen King which I mentioned I just recently got.

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