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Valet Parking Tipping Etiquette

January 18, 2013 3 comments
Tips for Valet Parking by Keri Potipcoe

24 Hours: Tips for Valet Parking by Keri Potipcoe (Click to enlarge)

Tipping. It’s a part of North American society that we deal with on a regular – some of us daily – basis. For certain services it is expected that you tip. Get a beer at a bar? Tip the bartender. Eat at a restaurant? Tip the waiter. Take a cab somewhere? Tip the driver. Have your car parked by a valet service? Tip them. But for parking valets who and when do you tip?

This was the question my friend Keri (aka @keriblog on Twitter) set out to answer. Keri is a journalist and wrote an article on January 9th about proper tipping of people who work as parking valets. Above is a screenshot of the article which I recommend reading because this blog post is a response to her article. (You can find the article yourself by going to, clicking “Calendar” in the top bar and choosing Wednesday, January 9, 2013, and then going to AUTONET on page 20. Also, check out more of Keri’s stuff on her Bio and Archive page here.) For all of you wondering who want me to cut to the chase, I respectfully disagree with her findings. (For the most part, below my little list I do discuss when I agree with her.)

It all started about two weeks ago when Keri tweeted the tweet below:

I read it and was thrown by the idea of being expected to tip valets twice because of the concept that the parking and retrieval of the car are each separate services. Therefore, much as a I am all for the awesomeness that is Keri as a writer and person, I had to disagree and here’s four reasons why: Read more…

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