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My First Eggnog! (With Rum)

December 23, 2011 2 comments

Trying Eggnog at Grindhouse Burger Bar

Nope, I have never had eggnog before last night at Grindhouse Burger Bar during #LoserKaraoke. As you can see in the above screen capped tweet my friend @SachaSayan was the one who introduced me to this holiday drink. I had never had it before because I grew up in an Orthodox Jewish household and although eggnog is – I am pretty sure – kosher, we were not ones who often engaged in Christian traditions and eggnog Christmas-time was one of those. But after hearing about it for about 30 years I decided it was finally time to try the stuff out.

Why the heck did I try it at Grindhouse Burger Bar you ask? Well, long story short, I was sitting talking to Sacha at the bar and inwardly sort of praying we would get up to sing karaoke (we didn’t, our fault for showing up at 1:30am) and he spied a carton of “the ‘nog” behind the bar and asked the bartender about it. Told it was $5 per glass he ordered one. I, never having had eggnog before, related this fact to Sacha and I was somewhat hesitant to try it because he said while it is a decent drink there’s a reason they only sell it during the winter holiday season…would there even be a market for it the rest of the year if it wasn’t tradition? I mulled this over and then Sacha mentioned that our friend @Affan had also recently tried the nog of egg for the first time and Affan had liked it. That settled the decision, I had a sip of Sacha’s eggnog (it helped that the order of eggnog included a hefty dollop of rum!) and thought it was quite alright. I then ordered my own glass of it and the picture you see above was taken for posterity.

If I were to describe it to anyone out there who has never, like me before last night, had eggnog before I would say that it sort of tastes like butterscotch flavored pudding – which I am huge fan of. Still, I don’t know how often I will be drinking eggnog in the future. HOWEVER, there is a reason for me to continue trying it and that is the description of the drink I read on Wikipedia. While I had it with rum according to Wikipedia it is also not uncommon to use Brandy, whisky, bourbon, Kahlua, vodka, or a combination of liquors. This sounds like something that requires further investigation. Also, my friend Meg Button (who’s sort of a Twitter celeb) tells me that “ButtonNog” is way better than regular eggnog so I need to try that soon!

Will I ever have eggnog without alcohol? I’d say a 99% chance of no because why the heck would I bother? One of the funniest reactions to the tweet you see pictured and linked above was @nympsam‘s which you can find here (and is pictured below).

Never Tried Eggnog Tweets @nympsam @SachaSayan @TheDanLevy @AffanWere Affan and I alone? Is it really that messed up as Samantha says? Have you also never tried eggnog or just have tried it for your first time recently? What’s your reason(s)?

#Trivioke At Grindhouse Burger Bar

May 11, 2011 2 comments

[UPDATE March 10, 2012: Since the writing of this post, Trivioke has been moved to the last Friday of each month still at Grindhouse Burger Bar. So this means the next one is March 30th and after that April 27th. You can find all the info about Jason Rolland’s karaoke shows on his website at or his Facebook group]

Tonight I’m at #Trivioke at Grindhouse Burger Bar on King St W. The event is hosted by Jason Rolland (@JasonRolland on Twitter) and smartphones are not allowed while it’s going on. This is why the post is so short but I will say this is a hell of a lot of fun!

Trivioke happens once a month on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10pm which means June 8 is the date of the next one. (Note: It has been moved since, see above for updated info.)

So far we have done “name that song” (based on the first 2 seconds of it being played) and “humdingers” which is name the song based on a teammate humming it.

Right now my team is ahead!

Coming up is “don’t forget the lyrics” and straight up music trivia.

Here’s hoping my team wins! Also, I hope to see you out next month! It’s a lot of fun so I highly recommend you join in!

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