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Google’s 2011 Holiday Eggs (aka Easter Eggs)

December 21, 2011 Leave a comment

If you go to Google this holiday season there are a number of hidden messages or in-jokes which you can be a part of just by searching. Usually these kinds of things are called “Easter Eggs” but I don’t if it’s a fitting name since the winter holidays do not include Easter. That’s why they are definitely either – in my mind – “Holiday Eggs” or maybe even “Google Eggs.”

Google Holiday Egg Hanukkah

If you go to Google and type in certain key words you can get a little extra little addition for some extra holiday cheer. For Hanukka you can use the variations:

  • chanukah
  • hanukkah
  • happy hanukkah
  • happy chanukah

Google Holiday Egg Let It Snow start

One other one you can try is “let it snow” which starts snow on your browser window and eventually fogs it up as you see above and below.

Google Holiday Egg Let It Snow defrost option

And once the ‘window’ is all ‘fogged up with the snow’ your search button becomes a defrost button if you want to reset it. But wait! not so fast! You can use your mouse once the window is fogged up to write on it!!! Check out the image below and you’ll see what I wrote.

Google Holiday Egg Let It Snow write on windowThis also works on the iPad (so I assume it works on the iPad 2 as well) but it didn’t work on an iPhone 4S or a BlackBerry Bold 9900 when we tried it

But Google didn’t stop there. They made sure everyone was included! There’s Christmas…

Google Holiday Egg Christmas

For Christmas type:

  • christmas
  • merry christmas
  • xmas

As well, they also did Kwanzaa…

Google Holiday Egg Kwanzaa

For Kwanzaa you can type:

  • kwanzaa
  • happy kwanzaa

Seems that Happy New Years & New Years don’t do anything. Boxing Day doesn’t work either in case you’re wondering.

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