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2 Modern Necessities You Shouldn’t Allow Your Employer To Control

July 23, 2013 5 comments

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When we get a job these days our employers often offers us certain perks and privileges that come with our job. They might offer/give you a transit pass, a cell phone with service, a company car, a corporate credit card, and a laptop among other things. Of course, you’ll likely get a company email address within the first few minutes you start your job. All of those things sound great, right? They most certainly are however, two of them are things that you should never link to your personal life and let your employer control.

1. Your EmailSketched Mailbox with @ email MC900341788 via Microsoft Office

The first of the two things is the email account. No, I’m not advocating telling your employer you’d rather not use the work email address they’ve assigned to you, that would be silly. What I am saying is that you have to watch what you use that work email address for. I recommend business communication that has to do with your employer and your job from your work email account only and I have a very good reason for it: Read more…

Cover Letters The Dreaded Aspect Of The Job Hunt

December 6, 2011 6 comments

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I am currently in the midst of applying for a new job and now that my resume is done – although it could always use a tweak here and a tweak there – now comes what I have found to be the hardest part: composing cover letters. See the resume is the relatively easy part because it is factual, hard data – I did this, I did that, I was educated here and there. The cover letter, however, is a much more nefarious foe. Each cover letter has to be written to conform to the actual job posting. You have to try and highlight the key words that people put in the advertisement/posting telling about the job and yet, at the same time, show in a way different from your resume that you are awesome and they should be hiring you without looking at anyone else’s applications or even calling you in for a meeting.

CoverLetter beginning in Word

Yes, that image is the actual beginning of my cover letter. Yes, I took the job name out. I don’t have one standardized because I have read that is one of the worst things you can do so I am writing it all from scratch. I have heard and read people opine that the Cover Letter should be dead and that it is an outmoded form of job application but no one has actually killed it yet so I have to write one. LinkedIn, when you apply for a job on the website has a place for you to upload your cover letter as well as your resume.

The one very important tip I learned recently for resumes and cover letters is to always save it as a PDF because that way your formatting will always stay consistent and won’t appear different on the recipient’s computer. I’m off to write the rest of this cover letter now…mainly because I don’t think the one and half lines I have is going to cut it. Wish me luck! (Also, any tips would be most appreciated!)

Clipart typing comic via Microsoft Office

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