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Pics From When I Met Michael Nus, Casie Stewart, & Other Awesome Folks At #KloutTO

February 7, 2013 2 comments

My friend @MichaelNus recently wrote a post on his blog called “The Day I Met Chris Brooker.” The post, which I’m given to understand will be one of a series, is a great post by a superb gentleman about @cbrooker, someone whom I cannot begin to express enough praise. Chris Brooker is a really special human and I am privileged to know him. Nus’ post brought to mind the day I met a bunch of different people involved in social media and tech in Toronto (I refuse to call it the “Social Media Scene” or the “Twitterati”) and then somehow it got brought to mind last night by a complete different person in a completely unrelated manner.

It all started when Sandy aka @sassygirlcanada tweeted this:

Which led to my friend Raymond Motee aka @FunkyBarrister replying with this:

That tweet brought me into the conversation and brought to night the aforementioned night when I first met in the real world people from Twitter. The night was an awesome one hosted by Klout. They called it #KloutTO (yes, amazingly that hashtag search still brings in results from June 2010!) and I met a bunch of stupendous individuals many of whom I count among my friends today including Team SidewalkHustle: @TristanBanning & @HawleyDunbar, Casie Stewart (@casiestewart), Michael Nus, Chris Brooker, Joallore (@clickflickca), Dave (now @BlueFoxCA and not in Toronto but he had a different Twitter handle back then), and many others who right now I can’t remember that I actually met them on that day. I went that day even though I wasn’t an “influencer” which was the reason Klout was throwing the party for the influencers and due to a partnership with Virgin America Airlines and was immediately welcomed into this group of the “cool kids.”

I tweeted this with that rush of fond memories warming my brain: Read more…

Twitter Stream Infographic With = Cute But Meh

October 4, 2011 4 comments

Thanks to @LaurenONizzle‘s post to her blog from a couple of days ago I found out this cool little tool that analyzes your Twitter stream and is supposed to spit out a infographic representations of you based on your tweets.

The tool is at a site called and I guess the best way to describe it is that you’re “Twitterizing” yourself.

Of course, once I found out this existed the first thing I did was click the link and try it out for myself and here are the results:

According to the website the way they come up with the graphical representation of you is by “using data from your Twitter account’s tweets (posts) combined with some twitter data from our friends over at infochimps. Our Twitterize yourself tool will generate an infographic in an instant based upon your information.

 The ‘outfits’ and ‘accessories’ are chosen based upon keywords most associated for you…There are a total of 11 possible outfits that depict your overall Twitter personality and 29 different accessories that could be assigned to show your interests.

We don’t stop there, though! You’ll also see cool diagrams of data depicting the amount of tweets, followers, people you’re following and the amount of tweets you see per day. If you’ve chosen to compare yourself to another Twitter user (including a celebrity account), you’ll also see who’s the bigger retweeter, who’s more social, who’s more interesting and what your comparative followers to following ratios are, as well as topics you potentially have in common.

While this seems like quite a bit of fun I have a few questions about the whole thing. First off, what the heck are “Chattiness,” “Enthusiasm,” and “Interestingness” in your Twitter stream and how are they measured? doesn’t tell us. Further, what do the percentages of those categories mean? Is low good? Is high good? Does the answer to the question change based on the category? Are they relative scores? This information does not seem to be available.

As well, I wonder how far they are going back in my tweet stream. I wonder this because of the results they came up with for “cartoon me” and some of the other categories. For example, I am decidedly NOT a gamer and, indeed, almost never talk about video games. I can’t even think of the last time I did before a recent Nuit Blanche tweet.

The ‘Likely Obsession’ I am not going to attempt to dispute because I am a pretty big fan of beer but the ‘gamer’ tag does call the rest of it into question in my mind.

Then there is the issue I have with their list of my “Strongest Connections,” only 2 of those people listed do I even agree with are amongst my strongest connections. Heck, one of the people I don’t even think I follow (and they don’t follow me) anymore. They also list my connection with myself as one of my strongest connections…what the?

My last thing I am left to wonder is what the heck a “donapost” is…and I should really know the answer to this one because apparently it is one of my “Topics” according to Beyond that, I don’t think I have mentioned Linksys in a loooong time so I have no idea how that got on there.

While I can understand why certain services like KloutPeerIndexEdelman’s TweetLevel, and the like don’t want to draw the curtains back and show everyone how they calculate your online influence I don’t understand why is so sparse with their info on this infographic. The only reason I can come up with is because it just a “fun” thing and therefore they spent only spare time on actually making it.

Did you give it a try? Was it accurate for you? Let me know!

Oh Hai @PopChipsTO @Klout Gift Pack!

May 30, 2011 3 comments

I was very excited to have gotten a very tasty looking package in the mail today, it was from the kind folks over at Popchips & Klout! They sent me a sample of six of their chip flavors: Original, Barbecue, Sour Cream & Onion, Cheddar, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Salt & Pepper in one gloriously delicious looking package.

Not only did the folks at popchips send me this awesome package that you see above but if you look you can see a couple of awesome key items they included as well.

  1. A handwritten letter!
  2. A snack bag freshness clip.
  3. Coupons for more popchips!
  4. The opportunity to share some popchips with friends!

What the heck are popchips you ask? Well, according to their website they are chips that aren’t fried – because that is unhealthy – and they aren’t baked – because that isn’t delicious (or “undelicious”) but rather they take regular potatoes and add some heat and pressure and wait for it to pop! From there they have their chip and then they only add one thing – a blend of seasonings for taste. When they pop the chips what they leave out is “more than half the fat of fried potato chips, trans fats, and cholesterol.” All gone. This means it’s also supposed to be healthier for you! Sounds like a huge win to me.

To add to the winning these chips are also KOSHER! That’s right, you can bring them over to your Jewish, religious family or friends and say – I got the snack food covered for today, and it’s Kosher! This is also a good thing because if you check the Kosher sign it always says whether or not the food is Dairy or not. 3 varieties of popchips which I got ARE Dairy so all you folks who are lactose intolerant – aka lactarded – or vegan know which ones to stay away from. This results in so MUCH WIN it’s insane!!!!

But wait, they sent me a handwritten letter? Ya, trust me I was just as surprised as you are! But check out the image of the letter and judge for yourself.

If you open that picture up to full size you’ll see how there is a difference in each of the letters as they are formed various places throughout the note they sent to me. You can see how each ‘Y’ is formed slightly differently as well each ‘A’. Beyond that, take a look at the word “at” in the second line. It is less clear in this picture but you can clearly see that they started writing it sort of in the middle then branched out to write the entire thing. I only mention all of this because there were some friends of mine on Twitter (looking at you @zachbussey) who were doubting whether or not these are actually handwritten notes. I am not going to categorically say that it is handwritten because I don’t know what kind of technology is out there that can create such letters and write such things. However, to me, I am choosing to believe that it is 100% handwritten by someone over at Popchips HQ. I also looked at someone else’s blog post about this here and you can see the handwriting on their letter is VERY different. Finally, in certain places you can see where they have changed the amount of pressure they have used with the pen on the paper and the ink fades in and out during the course of a letter. I really need a better picture of the letter for you guys to truly see what I mean but, then again, this isn’t a handwriting analysis blog!

I was sent this, as I mentioned above, via the Klout Perks program. If you have never heard of Klout it is an online influence measurement tool for social media. Because I have a score high enough in the Toronto community I was given the opportunity to sample these new chips first as they have just recently launched in the Toronto area (and in Canada?). The text of the Klout Perks Popchips website about this reads like this –

popchips are coming to the Toronto area and they want you to be one of the first people to try them out! if you’re not familiar with popchips, you’re in for a treat. selected Toronto influencers will get a popchips snack pack which includes 6 delicious flavours of popchips. pop them all and decide what you think for yourself. sign in to see if you qualify today!

This is actually quite intelligent way to market their product as the package also includes the option to send the gift pack to other friends on my behalf. All I had to do was ask them for some mailing info and send it off and very soon they too will be enjoying some healthy popchip goodness. I have had these popchips before – specifically at the Toronto 2011 Twestival and they are quite delicious…I was also drinking at that time so I know they make excellent bar food. I will have the opportunity to now try them sober as I have yet to see them anywhere in Toronto. I am looking forward to it but I try not to snack before bed – they will have to wait for tomorrow!

So Now There’s a @Klout FAIL Puppy? A New #FAILCutie?

February 18, 2011 3 comments

The Klout Fail Puppy (they even named the file klout-puppy.jpg)

Today I was trying to look up my Klout profile on my phone and I by accident typed the wrong url for my Twitter handle and I got to meet this friendly puppy. The Klout Fail Puppy.


The Klout Fail Puppy in his home environment: the Klout Fail Page.

Welcome this new FAIL cutie and love him my friends!

Although, I don’t know if this puppy will gain the same love that our dear Twitter Fail Whale has. Will people dress up as the Klout Puppy for Halloween 2011? I doubt it.

Our beloved (or hated?) Twitter Fail Whale

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