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Much As I LOVE Tech: There’s Nothing Like Reading A Physical Book

December 11, 2011 5 comments

bookshelf full of books

I love to read books. I have been reading ‘adult books’ (not that kind, you perverts!) since my mom gave me “The Client” by John Grisham when I was 10. As I mentioned in a previous article, I love Harry Turtledove books so you can see them represented in the picture above. I recently picked up the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson which everyone says is fantastic and the new Stephen King book “11/22/63” which is an alternate history book about what might have happened if JFK hadn’t been killed in Dallas that fateful day in 1963 as suggested by my man  aka @FunkyBarrister on Twitter.

Steve Jobs biography & Stephen King 11-22-63

I am also in the midst of reading “Poke The Box” by Seth Godin which is so far really, really good too. But it has been a long while since I have been reading more than one book at once. Heck, it has been a long time since I have actually read one physical book. Used to be I went from one book to the next and then to the next (and usually was reading more than one at once). As the years have progressed I have found myself staring at screens more often than not and rarely sitting down and reading an actual book. When I went to the Kobo Office Party I opined how much I liked the idea of the Kobo and having all your books with you at all times but at the same time I don’t know that anything can ever, in my mind, replace a physical book. There is just something about the ink and physically turning those pages that a reader just cannot replace.

As I typed the above I am aware that I sort of sound like people who maintain that listening to a record the music sounds ‘warmer’ and ‘more alive.’ Read more…

#Kobo At @WeAreHighRoad The Office Office Party

January 21, 2011 3 comments

Update:I forgot a name in the list of people who were at the High Road offices. I also forgot to add in my thoughts on the Kobo e-reader itself as we got to play with them at the High Road offices. Those have now been added.

As I mentioned in my post last night I was going to a super secret event that I couldn’t say much about.

Well, as you may have guessed by the title of this post and the picture above it was an office party hosted by High Road Communications (@WeAreHighRoad) at their offices in downtown Toronto to watch an epsidode of the hit NBC show The Office. The reason for the party was in the episode one of the characters buys, and sort of looks like he became really addicted to, a  Kobo E-Reader. For the tweets from last night check out the hashtag #Kobo although to be honest it looks like a lot of people started using the hashtag in a spammy manner since…hey it WAS a trending topic…these things happen when things get high profile!


#Kobo Before The Office started

I was invited to the event by Rayanne Langdon @RLangdon who works at High Road Communications and when I got into their offices – which are beautiful by the way – I got to see a whole bunch of Twitter friends including @jpuopolo, @karimkanji, @CarolynVan, @AlexBlom, @anulman, @rochlatinsky, @phjoshua, @hipurbangirl, @bossladwendy@kat, and @sachasayan along with some new folks whose Twitter handles I, unfortunately, didn’t learn assuming they have The Twitter with one notable exception  @jdotdashed who I had a great Back To The Future conversation with which we have to continue some time really soon. (Further Update 2011.01.22:) As well I got to meet @metheusBound who is a really nice guy although to be honest I didn’t really have the chance to get to know him…soon, hopefully, I will!

As to the Kobo e-reader itself. It was the first time I have ever played with one when I wasn’t looking at it in a store so it was a lot better chance to experience it. It is a really cool device and I am in total envy of @bossladwendy who won one of them for the best tweet during the event. I never found out the battery specifications on the Kobo but it apparently holds 10,000 books which is pretty awesome. I was tempted to say when I was writing this “Who needs 10,000 books?” and, “I don’t know anyone who owns 10,000 books”, but the fact of the matter is that many people said similar things about MP3 players and music collections in the late 90s and early 00s and look where we are now.

I liked the Kobo. A LOT.

The Kobo is a brilliant little device and I could totally see myself getting an one at some time in the near future. A few aspects I would like to find out about it (before) is whether or not I can “print” longer webpage posts and articles into a format I can throw onto a Kobo and read on it. I find with longer articles that is what I often prefer to do rather than staring at a computer screen.

As well, I want to find out if there exists any sort of waterproof case for the device (or if it is waterproof itself) because I think we have all been to the beach or pool or in a bath with a book/magazine and dropped it in or gotten splashed. With a regular book we just let it dry and while it will never be the same again the book will be readable 9/10 times once it dries out. If I get water on my Kobo did I just lose 10,000 books and a (ballpark) $150 device? Because that would SUCK.

#RegiftTO Gift Bag Contents I Didn

I am sorry to say that I didn’t make it out to #RegiftTO which I TOTALLY wanted to do but it just didn’t work out. The above picture was in a gift bag in my car the whole night waiting to go to #RegiftTO but alas it didn’t work out.

I did have a A LOT of fun at #LoserKaraoke as I usually do. I sang the song “Criminal by Eminem”, it was an awesome trainwreck, but people told me I was impressive in just knowing the words and saying them fast enough. I also finally found someone to sing “The Internet Is For Porn” from the musical “Avenue Q”! I did the girl part and @SachaSayan did the guy part. I didn’t really care I was more happy to have just done it after all this time! I am also told that someone has a video of me doing “Criminal” so I am going to endeavor to get it for all of you folks!

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