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Tonight, Tonight: When The Moon Hits Your Eye, Like A Big-A Pizza Pie; That’s Amore!

March 19, 2011 1 comment

The full super moon is seen as it rises near the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington DC. Getty Images via

Tonight there’s a “Super Moon” to be seen all across the world. It is the closest the moon has been to the Earth since 1993 and won’t be again for almost another 20 years, according to things I have read on the Interiorwebs like this article from National Geographic (where the picture above is from) and this article from WKYC in Cleveland, OH. I also suggest if you’re single tonight is the night you head to a pizza parlor after going out and maybe true love will find you or you’ll find them looking at the moon, just ask Dean Martin who said that, “when the moon hits your eye, like a big-a pizza pie that’s amore” (Amore is Italian for ‘love’). If you have never heard this iconic song from 1952 see the video below.

The fact that there is a Super Moon obviously has Twitter abuzz with the hashtag #supermoon as a Trending Topic in Toronto, Canada, the United States, and Worldwide.

According to WKYC who got their info from CNN this super “perigee moon” is 14% larger and 30% brighter than the average full moon so get outside and check out the moon tonight! Maybe I will finally be able to see those humanoid aliens that have been living on the Moon since at least the turn of the 19th to 20th Century! (see Smashing Pumpkins video of Tonight, Tonight below) I have been looking at the moon at night for years waiting to see them jumping around. I have also wondered why Neil Armstrong didn’t see them during the Moon Landing…my theory is because he scared the crap out of them – – after all we’re talking about aliens who get vaporized after Tom Kenny and Jill Talley smack them umbrellas, can you imagine what a guy in a spacesuit must have looked like to them?

Enjoy the moon tonight as I the next time it will be this close to Earth will be 2029! I wonder why they didn’t try to plan a mission to the Moon to land today…wouldn’t now have been the closest time requiring the least amount of fuel for them to get there? Maybe they should start planning a trip for 2029 now. Or maybe NASA is worried those aliens won’t be so scared of a human in a space suite next time and NASA can’t afford any umbrellas. Then again, maybe that music video lied to us…unless the Moon had an oxygen atmosphere back in the late 1800s and early 1900s then somehow lost it. Nah! Billy Corgan, James Iha, D’arcy Wretzky, and Jimmy Chamberlin wouldn’t lie to us! Would they?

Dear RIM: What Is Up With Your Photo File Structure On BlackBerry?

March 18, 2011 2 comments

My pictures from my BlackBerry in a folder on my Windows 7 PC. Notice how the dates of the pictures (based on the naming of the files) are completely out of order.

I am a BlackBerry user. I love my BlackBerry Torch which I won during TIFF from the good folks at RIM but one of the things that most annoys me about BlackBerry’s OS – and this has been every variation I have used of the OS, OS, 4.6, 5.0, and now BlackBerry 6 – is the way that the BlackBerry names and organizes the photos. It even affects the pictures once they’re on your computer! Check out the picture to the right and you will see what I mean on this. See how the dates of the pictures are completely out of order? It is because the BlackBerry names pictures based on some seemingly arbitrary picture number – also attaching the name of the city where it was taken in front of image number if a GPS lock was available when the picture was taken – BEFORE the date of the picture? This obviously isn’t such a huge problem on a full computer where it is easy to choose how you arrange your photos but on a BlackBerry itself it can be a huge problem when you aren’t in the “Pictures” app.

If you have ever tried to compose an email or blog post on your BlackBerry and then click on the “Attach A File” or “Attach Media” option you know what I’m talking about. If not check out the picture I have attached to the left. I was trying to write the blog post about my first caesar and I was doing it from my BlackBerry. While it is one hell of a device for actually typing out the text, having an unrivaled physical QWERTY keyboard for a cellular device, the media options are terrible. Essentially, the only way to add a picture to a blog post or email would be to go to the pictures app on your BlackBerry and select a picture then click the “Send to WordPress” or “Send via Email” option. So why don’t I do this? Well…what happens when you want to attach more than one picture to an email or blog post? You have to then use the photo browser to I pictured. Look how disorganized it is…the organization of the list makes no rational sense that I can fathom. starting from the top of that list (this wasn’t the very top just the part where I took the screen capture) we have a picture taken in Toronto in on January 30. 200; then comes a picture from February 3, 2011; a picture from February 20, 2011; 2 pictures from March 13, 2011; then finally the cut off one from February 24, 2011.




RIM, I do not and cannot understand how you set up this file system. This is something I really, really hope you fix soon. I don’t know how it has gone on this long and no one has said anything about it to you. I don’t know how no one in your company has noticed this yet. Every Blogger I have ever spoken to about it who uses a BlackBerry talks about how crappy the system is. The issue is such a huge FAIL for any device in the modern age it has to be taken care of immediately. There isn’t even a search option for adding media files on the BlackBerry you have to manually go through the entire list to find anything and attach it to a blog post – if there was I could at least forgive RIM the organization of the files.

Dan Levy FAQ & LNN FAQ

March 17, 2011 6 comments

Portrait of me, Dan Levy, by @PhotoJunkie Rannie Turingan from PodCamp Toronto 2011.

As some of you may know, my name, Dan Levy, is a pretty common name and there a lot of people running around with it – I call them my namelgängers.

Like most Dans my full name is actually Daniel and in 1981, the year I was born, my name was the 10th most popular baby name amongst the U.S. Population according to and that’s only the year I was born! In fact, I looked at the same site’s data for my name historically and since 1950 it has never dropped lower than the #21 spot occupying the Top 10 from 1981 until 2009 except for a brief 3 years when it was 11, 11, & 12.

As well, according to which sourced the 1990 U.S. Census my last name, Levy, was the 872nd most popular surname out of 88799 surnames in the USA. That adds up to a, relatively, REALLY popular name and somewhat to my constant dismay I can almost never get my name as a username anywhere online unless my friend launches the service and tells me about it before it’s open to the public OR I get in on the beta testing of the service – and even in the beta testing scenario the likelihood isn’t so high.

The above is why, often times I am asked if I am related to some people or am confused with other people who are way more famous than I am both in the real world and on the Interiorwebs. Beyond that, some people have asked me some questions about the name of this blog and how it came about so I thought that if I roll all those questions into one post I can make my own FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) post all about one of my favorite topics – ME!

‘Dan Levy’ & The Surname ‘Levy’

  • Who’s that in your avatar/profile picture? Why, that’s a picture of me, who is that in your profile picture? Yes, I actually got this question more than once on Twitter and on Facebook. It hasn’t happened since I switched my picture to the one you see displayed with this post but happens oddly frequently. I would say 8/10 times when I fire back with the response above I don’t get a reply to my question…how rude.
  • Are you related to the actor Eugene Levy originally from Hamilton? & Are you related to NameX Levy from PlaceY? Nope. Except for my brothers we are the only ones with the name Levy who I am related to and currently alive (and aware of). In terms of Eugene Levy, as far as I know, we are totally and absolutely not related. My dad’s family is from New York City and have been there since my great-grandparents Max & Minnie came to America some time in the late 19th Century from somewhere in Eastern Europe. I know my grandfather Moe was born in 1901 in New York City and he had a 5 or 6 siblings, the majority of them male and I believe one sister but I have never met any of their families and don’t even know who/where they are. So there IS a possibility that Eugene’s father was my great-uncle, I suppose, but I don’t think so because we pronounce our last names differently (more on that later). Further, our last name was changed at the border/immigration, we think the original name was Evansky, when Max (with Minnie?) came to the States. So unless Max came with a brother who also changed his surname, no one else from Max’s family would have had the last name Levy. The only other relative I had named Levy that I know of was my dad’s half-brother Dr. Jerome Levy, of Albuquerque, NM who died in 2009 (we never met) who had two daughters (I also never met them) who both passed away as well. So if you’re a Levy somewhere out there and any of this family tree sounds reminiscent of your family tree I would love to hear from you – maybe I do have cousins named Levy I don’t even know about!
  • Your name ISN’T pronounced “Leh-vee” (\ˈle-vē\) like Eugene Levy pronounces it and the same as the things that failed in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina? Are you sure? Nope, my last name is pronounced “Lee-vee” (because it isn’t an actual word I couldn’t get it done in those fancy pronunciation symbols which uses the ‘Phonetic Alphabet” ). My last name is not pronounced Leh-vee although many people in my family have given up trying to correct people because everyone else (especially in Canada) seems to know how our name is pronounced better than we do. I have literally introdouced myself to people and said my last name correctly and they’ll reply, “Nice to meet you Mr. Leh-vee.” It is at that point I usually don’t bother to correct them unless I plan on actually talking to them ever again. (And in regard to the things in New Orleans those are spelled ‘levee’ anyway so HA!) My theory as to why people in English speaking Canada (not Quebec) automatically call us Leh-vee and most people in the USA will call us Lee-vee (proper pronunciation) hinges on (1) a certain well known actor hailing from Canada who pronounces his name Leh-vee, (2) the Pro Football Hall of Fame Head Coach & Front Office Executive – Marv Levy who pronounces his name like we do and whose family is originally from Quebec, and (3) just a difference in pronunciation between the USA and Canada – as I mentioned above, our family name originated from New York, USA. And yes, I am sure.

Side Note: Marv Levy’s full name is “Marvin Daniel Levy”, so he too can be considered a namelgänger. As well, his birthday is the same day (not date) as my dad’s August 3, and my dad’s name was Mark; just one letter off from Marv. What are the odds? Read more…

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