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I Got My @GetGlue Stickers! Yes, They Deliver To Canada!

March 1, 2011 25 comments

Today, I received in the mail my first shipment of GetGlue stickers. You may recall I mentioned them in a previous post on January 26, “International Use of GetGlue & Sticker Collecting“. Anyhow, I thought they were going to be sending me 20 stickers but maybe the fact that they were sending stickers to Canada made them only deliver 16.

 NOTE: Judging by some of the comments I am getting it seems that people are confused as to what my affiliation is with the folks at Get Glue.


If you haven’t gotten your stickers that you’ve ordered I feel sorry but there is absolutely nothing I can do.

Apparently GetGlue doesn’t feel the need to put my actual name on the envelope.

I was also slight confused as to why GetGlue didn’t put my name on the envelope…privacy reasons? Maybe someone wrote some profane names and they didn’t want to send them out? I don’t know.

As I mentioned above, I was also quite confused as to why they chose to only send me 16 stickers….maybe they didn’t have some of the stickers they wanted to send me? But beyond that what is up with those 3 “White Heart stickers”? I’ve never seen them on GetGlue’s site so I didn’t earn them. Also, why 3 of them? The white in the White Heart looks like it could be meant to represent glue, so maybe its a Love GetGlue sort of thing? If anyone has any info on what these are I’d love to know.

I also have yet to figure out what I’m going to do with these stickers…the natural place I’d think is my TV but I don’t really wanna put them on my TV…that seems so grade school. Any suggestions as to where I should put my stickers? Let me know!!!

The GetGlue Stickers I got in all their physical glory. I don’t know why they only sent me 16.

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