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The End Is The Beginning…

January 1, 2012 1 comment

Exit Sign in Air Canada Centre PATH Toronto

Last night was – as we all know – New Years Eve. We ‘exited’ 2011 and entered the long hallway that is this fresh year of 2012. What are you going to do with your time walking down the hallway of 2012? Do you have any resolutions for the New Year? I am not the kind of person who usually makes a New Year’s Resolution so this year my – somewhat flip – resolution is that I resolve to be alive after the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. If I make it to December 22, 2012 then I will have managed to fulfill my New Year’s Resolution and I guess I can feel a sense of accomplishment when I get to the end of the hallway and open the door to 2013. (No, I don’t believe that the world is going to end when we tear the last proverbial page off of the Mayan calendar.)

Beyond the above resolution I just want to feel I have bettered myself and my life and reached more accomplishments when I come to the crossroads between 2012 and 2013. I have done so much this past year but I feel there is still so much to do on the PATH* of life.

Connection - PATH Air Canada Centre Maple Leaf Square Pedestrian Bridge

*The reason I wrote the word ‘path’ all caps above is sort of an in-joke in that the picture of the hallway is a pedestrian bridge which is part of the PATH pedestrian walkway system in downtown Toronto. Read more…

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